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GH Alum Jonathan Jackson Reveals He Was In Tears Upon Reading “Unsung Hero” Script

Currently out in theatres, Unsung Heros is a Christian movie that follows Luke, Joel, and Rebecca Smallbone of the For King & Country band, and their story of how they became top Christian recording artists.

Joel Smallbone directs the flick, which explores themes of faith, family bounds, and resilience as the Smallbones travel from Australia to America after their music company crumbles.

Actor Jonathan Jackson plays Eddie DeGarmo in the film, and recently spoke with Hollywood Insider about how the script brought him to tears.

Jonathan Jackson – Interviewed During “Unsung Hero” Premiere

Jackson, best known for his roles on soap opera General Hospital and primetime drama Nashville was interviewed on the red carpet, during the Unsung Hero premiere.

Jonathan Jackson Reveals He Was In Tears Upon Reading “Unsung Hero” Script

He notes that the movie’s release is “exciting”, adding that in some ways it came quicker than he thought as everyone involved was anxiously anticipating the film’s release.

When asked about the movie, Jackson states that it’s “honest”, “inspiring”, and “emotional”. He also adds the experience of being in the film “was great” and he felt as if he had been working with the directing team for years.

He also notes that the cast had an “ensemble” feeling behind the scenes and that Unsung Hero was one of the best sets he’s ever been on in terms of the connections he felt.

Jonathan Jackson – Got Very Emotional Upon Reading “Unsung Hero” Script

During his Hollywood Insider interview, Jackson reveals that he didn’t have to audition for the Eddie DeGarmo role, rather, he was asked to participate in the flick.

He was sent the Unsung Hero script, and Jonathan notes that he read it while on a plane, not exactly knowing what to expect.

Upon reading it, Jackson states he was in tears and shocked about how much he loved the story.

He also adds he was very happy to be a part of it all, even though his time on set was short. Jonathan also stated that he travelled from Nashville to Louisville to take part in the film.

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  1. Gary W says

    No doubt about it ! A wonderful, delightful and inspiring movie; sort of in the same genre of another recent film, Someone Like You☺️ ! And I should mention a very important movie that’s on the same level of storytelling, Sound of Freedom ! My thanks to everyone involved in bringing these motion pictures into view !

  2. Roivon says

    Great movie!

  3. Jackie says

    Great movie. Moving, inspiring. Did realize that was Jonathan until credits were rolled. He was so good..this movie is one to see several times. Will get the dvd when it comes out..

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