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Lindsay Wagner and Amanda Righetti Star In A Holiday I Do On Tello

Lindsay Hicks and Rivkah Reyes in A Holiday I Do on Tello
Lindsay Hicks and Rivkah Reyes [Image courtesy Tello]

A Holiday I Do is coming to the popular lesbian Tello Films network on November 10 as part of a special, four-film promo. Starring Lindsay Wagner and Amanda Righetti, the movie tells the story of a small-town, single mom, who falls for her ex-husband’s beautiful, sophisticated wedding planner. Meanwhile, she will need some serious Christmas magic to fix the chaos that ensures. Read on to find out more about this festive rom-com and its cast members and view beautiful images and a trailer from the film set.

A Holiday I Do on Tello Films Lesbian Network

Jill Larson in A Holiday I Do on Tello
Jill Larson [Image courtesy Tello]

According to Tello’s official press release, A Holiday I Do tells the story of a small-town, single mom, Jane (Lindsay Hicks) is raising 10-year-old Lexi (Colette Hahn), while managing her family’s horse farm following the death of her father. She manages to hold it all together with some moral support from her mom (Jill Larson) and their festive neighbors.

A Holiday I Do on Tello
Bridesmaids [Image courtesy Tello]

However, she agrees to be the best (wo)man of the elaborate, Christmas wedding of her best friend and ex-husband, Mark (Joe Piazza). Meanwhile, she finds herself navigating an emotionally charged holiday, and a bridezilla fiancé (India Chappell), along with a raging blizzard and a surprise visit from a no-nonsense banker (Marsha Warfield).

Joe Piazza and India Chappell in A Holiday I Do on Tello
Joe Piazza and India Chappell [Image courtesy Tello]

Moreover, things get even more complicated when an unexpected romance sparks between Jane and her ex-husband’s wedding planner, Sue (Rivkah Reyes). As the big day draws near, Jane will need a little Christmas magic to not only clean up the mess she has made but also rescue her family’s horse farm before it’s too late.

Watch the trailer for the movie here:

Where have you seen the cast before?

Lindsay Hicks, who plays Jane, has previously starred in Suicide Kale, The Better Half, The List and Punk Rock Vegan Movie. Meanwhile, Rivkah Reyes, who plays Sue, is known for her roles in School of Rock, A Picture Perfect Holiday. Marsha Warfield, who plays the no-nonsense banker, has been seen in 9-1-1, Night Court and Stand Out: An LGBTQ+ Celebration.

Lindsay Hicks and Rivkah Reyes in A Holiday I Do on Tello
Lindsay Hicks and Rivkah Reyes in A Holiday I Do [Image courtesy Tello]

Jill Larson, who plays Jane’s mom, is known for her role in All My Children, while Joe Piazza, Jane’s ex, is known for his roles in Betrayed, Abstruse and Enigma. Moreover, India Chappell, who plays the bridezilla fiancé, has previously starred in American Horror Story and Gossip Girl while Colette Hahn, who stars as Lexi, is known for her role in Christine’s Wager.

Colette Hahn with Santa in A Holiday I Do
Colette Hahn with Santa [Image courtesy Tello]

Other cast includes Kayden Bryce (Just Another Dream), Cameron Judd (Red Hood: The Fan Series, OK) and drag queen Monique Madison.

Behind the scenes of A Holiday I Do

The new movie, A Holiday I Do sends an uplifting message to the LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, 10 percent of the proceeds from the movie will go to support The Trevor Project, a non-profit that provides mental health and suicide prevention services to the LGBTQ+ community.

When can you watch the movie on Tello?

Cameron Judd and Colette Hahn in A Holiday I Do on Tello
Cameron Judd and Colette Hahn [Image courtesy Tello]

The festive holiday movie is available for pre-order right now, and premieres on November 10, 2023. Readers can rent A Holiday I Do for $6.99 for 14 days, or purchase the movie for $14.99.

Meanwhile, more festive fun can be experienced by purchasing a special movie four-pack for $10.99. The pack includes LGBTQ+ Tello holiday rom-coms, Christmas at the Ranch, Merry & Gay, I Hate New Year’s and Season of Love.

Visit Tello’s website for more information here.


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