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Neighbours Spoilers: A Familiar Face Returns To Ramsay Street, Not Everyone Is Happy To See Him

 Neighbours: Des Clarke (Paul Keane)Neighbours spoilers and updates reveal Des Clarke was one of the 12 original characters introduced in the first-ever Neighbours episode in 1985. Des – played by Paul Keane – remained a fan favorite until 1990 when he departed the show. He’s been back as a guest character a few times since, most recently in 2020 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the show.

Neighbours Spoilers – Special Anniversary Episode

In the special anniversary episodes, fans watched as Des reunited with Jane Harris, (Annie Jones) commonly remembered as Plain Jane Superbrain. The love between the two characters appeared to never have died and resulted in the couple reuniting and marrying during the Lassiters Wedding Expo event.

However, flash forward a few months and Jane is back in Erinsborough without Des. Upon moving to Perth together, the pair realized that they made a rash decision and weren’t actually happy together. Jane was left heartbroken by the breakup and has been struggling to cope with it. For that reason, Jane’s daughter Nicolette decides to invite Des back to Erinsborough in an attempt to help them sort out their problems and possibly get back together.

Neighbours Spoilers – Jane Harris Is Surprised

Jane is surprised but touched by her daughter’s actions, especially considering Nicolette is not a fan of Des and their shotgun wedding.

When Des and Jane sit down together, they’re both nervous but relieved that they can talk through everything that’s happened. Although Jane was upset at their breakup she doesn’t necessarily want to get back together but is worried about ruining their decades-long friendship. Thankfully, Des reveals that he feels the same way: although he does love Jane, he’s not in love with her, so to be in a relationship again would only result in another break up down the line.

Tune into Neighbours next week (AUS timing) to watch this storyline play out!

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