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Barron Trump Signals He’s Becoming A Mini-Me, Twins With Donald Trump In Rare Outing

Barron Trump Signals He’s Becoming A Mini-Me, Twins With Donald Trump In Rare OutingHigh school graduate Barron Trump is shrouded in mystery, the only child of Donald and Melania Trump and perhaps the most scrutinized 18-year old on the planet.

This year he’s found himself in plenty of controversy: his mom seemed to forbid him the right to nominate his father for POTUS, and he’s been accused of being behind a shady bitcoin.

But one pundit sees the future looking bright for Barron, noting the teen’s “presidential-looking flare” in a random outing with his dad. Keep reading to discover what one body language expert is seeing as Barron shows himself off more than ever.

Barron Trump Is A Mini-Me?

This week Barron accompanied his Republican Presidential hopeful father to the golf course. It’s not every day that Barron appears in public with his dad, who reportedly envies his son’s 6 foot 7 inch stature, so the event raised some eyebrows.

Body language expert Judi James told that Barron went through “a younger phase most young guys go through when he looked embarrassed and rather uncomfortable in his own skin during public appearances.”

But based on his golf course behavior, James thinks that Barron has what it takes to be a chip off the old block.

Donald Trump Was POTUS

According to her, Barron’s “body language has shown signs of growing confidence, charisma and even the slightest whiff of a presidential-looking flair.”

In particular, James pointed to two of Barron’s gestures as father and son sat in their golf cart. First, Barron gave a nod when Donald spoke of his opponent, Joe Biden: “suggesting he’s keen to align himself with his father’s statement and join in the conversation.”

Afterward, Barron waved to the crowd “as they pull away, adding to the idea of socializing alongside Trump.”

James gave thumbs-up to Donald Trump’s behavior as well. She noted that the former president looked relaxed and comfortable with his son, giving “the impression that he sees Barron as an ally and one of the inner team.”

Donald And Barron Trump Twin On The Golf Course

There is much speculation as to where Barron will attend college. Some think he will go to NYU in the fall, with his mother Melania keeping tabs on him from their NYC penthouse.

Tell us Trump family fans, who do you think that Barron is taking after more, his mother Melania, or his father Donald?

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