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Stormy Daniels Exposes Donald Trump’s Biggest …

Stormy Daniels Exposes Donald Trump's Biggest …Have you heard the one about President Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels? Well, we have even more dish on their tempestuous relationship! The former is the ex-POTUS and the latter is a former adult content star.

Their paths collided once again during a salacious hush money trial, and as you might expect, there were a lot of things … exposed. Here is one fascinating detail that Stormy disclosed before the trial.

Donald Trump – Does Not Like Sharks

Stormy was a key trial witness and her testimony was full of fascinating tidbits, like Trump’s favorite pajamas. But Stormy’s loose lips had more to say about the former prez in a 2011 interview with InTouch Weekly.

In that convo Stormy detailed a meeting she had with Trump at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The couple ate dinner in Trump’s private bungalow while watching a “Shark Week” tv program. See, famous people, they’re just like us.

The show recalled the deadliest shark attack in history and Stormy said that Trump was on the edge of his seat: “He is obsessed with sharks. Terrified of sharks. He was like, ‘I donate to all these charities, and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die.’ He was like riveted. He was like obsessed. It’s so strange, I know.”

Donald Trump – Has A Thing About Sharks

Stormy was telling the truth because Donald Trump talked about his shark phobia at a Nevada political rally this month. It happened when the teleprompter went down and he launched into some chit chat.

Trump – Confirms Stormy’s Story

More specifically, gave an anecdote about asking a watercraft company employee: “What would happen if the boat sank, and you have this tremendously powerful battery, and the battery is now underwater, and there’s a shark that’s approximately 10 yards over […] Do I get electrocuted or do I jump over by the shark?”

Trump answered his own question: “I’ll take electrocution every single time.” Yikes.

In other testimony, Stormy recalled The Donald talking about his marriage to supermodel Melania Trump and their sleeping arrangements. Double yikes.

In case you’re wondering, Trump allegedly said that he and his wife don’t sleep in the same room. Maybe it’s little revelations like that that made Stormy feel she had to wear a bulletproof vest while testifying in a Manhattan courtroom?

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