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1000 Lb Sisters: Is TLC Hiding The Real Health Condition Of Tammy Slaton?

1000 Lb Sisters1000 Lb Sister’s spoilers and updates tease that TLC is hiding Tammy Slaton’s real condition from fans. Amy and Tammy Slaton, or the 1000 lb sisters, are among the reality TV stars that people want to hear from.

After season 3 of 1000 Lb Sisters, Amy is continuously posting updates about her personal life and pregnancy. However, there is not much information or update from Tammy or TLC.

Now, fans are curious about Tammy’s weight loss update since they haven’t heard a lot from Tam Tam. Other fans can also feel that TLC is hiding the real health condition of Tammy Slaton.

Is TLC Hiding Tammy Slaton’s Health Downfall?

Reports say that Tammy’s health has worsened since she was rushed to the hospital. She had a medically-induced coma and fans are missing the update from TLC about the 1000 Lb Sisters’ star. There is also little to no update from TLC regarding her real health condition.

As a result, fans are wondering whether Tammy is losing weight or not. While other viewers are worried about what could be the TLC is hiding from the public about Tammy’s health.

Tammy Slaton – Is Not Recently Sharing Photos On Her Social Media Accounts

To recall, Tammy is undergoing rehabilitation after the reality show’s season 3. Both TLC and Tam Tam announced that the giant star needs treatment for her food addiction. During the first weeks of Tammy’s stay in rehab, she was constantly posting selfies on social media.

However, fans have noticed that Tam Tam’s last Instagram post was on March 14, 2022. Tammy’s inactivity on social media is making fans worried and speculating that TLC is hiding the truth about Tammy’s condition. People also think the NDA signed by Tammy Slaton could be the reason why the reality star is not giving updates to fans.

Tammy is keeping silent about her condition inside the rehab. But she managed to answer one curious follower and said, “I’d love to give you a weight loss update but you’ll have to wait until season four comes out. Sorry.”

Fans Are Worried About Tammy Slaton’s Inactivity On Social Media

Because fans have noticed that Tammy is no longer sharing updates about her stay in the rehab, some believe that the 1000 Lb Sisters star is in critical condition.

While it’s uncertain if Tammy can go back to the reality TV show, fans would always want to hear updates from the giant star.

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