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1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Why Do Fans Think Amy Slaton Is Faking Her Tears on the Show?

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that there are some fans of the show who feel as if Amy Slaton is more than likely faking all of her tears and emotional moments for the show.

Reality shows have been known for stretching the truth a little bit and some viewers feel that the drama has been forced or scripted during this season.

There are also theories that Amy wants to make more money and that is why she has started to add to the drama. Could this be true? Let’s take a deeper look at what fans of the show are saying.

Dramatic Season

Amy has gone through a lot in her life over the past couple of years. Going through a divorce has been complicated for her. Tammy Slaton, Amy’s sister has also had a lot to deal with over the past year or so.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Why Do Fans Think Amy Slaton Is Faking Her Tears on the Show?

She lost her husband, Caleb Willingham, and has been trying to navigate life without him. Both women have had serious relationship woes and viewers feel that they could have stepped up the tears for ratings.

Along with relationship woes, Tammy and Amy have also been trying their best to lose weight and keep it off. This is what the entire show is about after all.

When it comes to drama, the show continues to provide viewers with the tear-jerking moments that they have grown to love. But now some fans are beginning to feel that all of the drama has been faked.

Is The Show Scripted?

In the years that 90 Day Fiance has been on the air, plenty of cast members have come out and told viewers that the producers do want to catch the best drama and they have suggested that there are plenty of faked scenes. Could this also be the case for 1000-Lb Sisters?

During the split between Amy and her ex-husband, Michael Halterman, fans began to wonder if everything happening was all faked to keep the show on the air.

During a few scenes of the show, viewers pointed out that Amy was going over the top with her actions. They claimed that she seems as if she is too emotional and needs serious help for these issues.

Some even said that she needed to be on medication for her outbursts. However, some mentioned that all of this was for the cameras and ratings.

What do you think? Is Amy being dramatic just for better ratings? We will have to watch to see if her behavior continues to be like this.

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