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90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort Spoilers: Kalani Faagata Spotted With Her New Man And Fans Are Shocked to See Him This Way

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort reveals that now that Kalani Faagata has been open about the man she is dating, fans have started to see him on Instagram in small doses. She admitted on the show that she did use the ‘hall pass’ that Asuelu Pulaa gave her when he ended up cheating on her while he was on vacation in Samoa. Of course, now they have both been unfaithful, but getting back at Asuelu made her develop feelings for the other man. Now fans are shocked to see more of him on her social media account.

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort  – Kalani’s New Man

Kalani’s new man has been seen on her Instagram account. However, fans have only seen a few features of his body. According to the rumors, his name is Dallas Nuez and his tattooed hands have made an appearance on her Instagram Stories.

According to Asuelu, when the couple had their first therapy session, Kalani was actually texting Dallas even though she told her husband that they had broken up. It looks like Kalani and Dallas are still going strong and social media has a lot to share when it comes to their relationship.

Kalani Faagata

One Instagram account shared a photo of Kalani’s new boyfriend. They captioned it, “After months of speculation, Kalani’s hall pass guy is revealed!”

As soon as fans of the show saw his photo, they were quick to talk about how great the new guy looked. One wrote, “Anyone’s better than the man child she got.” Another added, “Daaaaaamn Kalani, I would’ve taken the hall pass too. He’s fine!!”

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort – Will They Stay Together?

It turns out that the rumors about Kalani’s new man began all the way back in January. That was when one of his hands made its first Instagram appearance on her account.

Asuelu has been rumored to be dating another woman as well, but he told his fans that he has already moved to Las Vegas to pursue other outlets in life.

Now that Kalani and Asuelu are sharing their relationship issues on television, fans are curious if we will actually see them with their new loves. Will Dallas show up on the show? Will his name come up more?

If Kalani is still talking to him while trying to save her marriage, things don’t look good for 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort.

We will have to stay tuned to the show to see what happens next between them and if they can resolve anything in their marriage.

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