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American Idol Judges Suggest Katy Perry’s Replacement

The American Idol judges shared their thoughts on Katy Perry‘s replacement. So far, the list of replacements includes Jennifer Lopez, Jordin Sparks, Meghan Trainor, and Miley Cyrus. There were also rumors that Taylor Swift could replace her former archnemesis. Keep on reading to learn more.

Katy Perry – Leaves American Idol

Season 22 of American Idol is Katy Perry’s final season as a judge. She announced her departure from the show on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Then she backtracked and shared on Good Morning America that she was only taking a break from her judging duties. Katy teased that her replacement would only “keep my seat warm.”

The singer has mixed feelings about leaving. She understands that she needs to work on her own music career. However, Katy loves being part of the show.

American Idol Judges Suggest Katy Perry's Replacement

Some American Idol fans are relieved to see her go. She built up a reputation as a mean judge who bullies the contestants and picks favorites.

Throughout its history, American Idol had one female judge on the panel. The two remaining judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, are both male.

She’s also the highest-paid judge on the singing competition. Another woman may take her place. Still, Katy has her eye on another guy she thinks would be perfect for the show.

Katy Perry – Possible Replacements on American Idol

One name that was thrown around was Taylor Swift. It’s hard to see the pop star judging contestants on the show. Besides, her ever-popular Eras Tour doesn’t wrap up until later this year.

Jennifer Lopez previously judged the show from 2011 and 2012. She already has the experience to get the job done. Jennifer announced that she was ending her music career and shared that her experience with Idol was “good.” However, the judges have their thoughts on who should replace Katy Perry.

During their interviews with Entertainment Tonight, Luke Bryan admitted that he would love to have Meghan Trainor join him and Lionel Richie. Host Ryan Seacrest agrees. He called the singer-songwriter “a superstar talent” and “spontaneous.”

Luke revealed that he has a list of “10 names” as possible replacements. But he didn’t want to share them. Luke said Katy Perry’s replacement couldn’t have an “ego” since they’re “going to insult each other so much.” Katy shared that she would love Gene Simmons on the panel.

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry’s replacement? Who should replace her? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. diane rodriguez says

    I think Jlo Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift Janet Jackson Beyonce

  2. Dan says

    I agree with Luke. Meghan Trainor would be the best person to replace Katy Perry. After seeing her giving the contestants suggestions and the way she interacted with them, it was like a no brainer that she would be the best choice.

  3. Steve says

    Has to be a women for a equalized view!

  4. Rae says

    Lady Gaga would b the ideal choice for KP,s replacement. Her beauty inside and out, her unique style and passion for others would put American Idol over the top.

  5. Tracy pulling says

    Bring back Paula Abdul, shania Twain, Kelsey Ballarini, Gene Simmons , Miley cyrus, Christina Agularia

  6. Pam says


  7. J. Thompson says

    I think Gene Simmons or Miley Cyrus should be the replacement

  8. Teresa Power says

    After watching last week’s show, I honestly think Meghan Trainor would be a wonderful judge. I also think that @Jellyroll would be a fantastic judge on the panel. I hate that Katy Perry is leaving but I understand completely and maybe she will return??
    The one and only person I would hate to see take KP’s place would be Miley Cyrus. I love her music, she is a fantastic artist. So, we shall see next year on season 23.

  9. Margi Foley says

    I have a bit of a different idea than what anybody else has suggested. I think they should reach out to Stevie Nicks! I know she’s older, but she’s really only a couple years older than Lionel Richie. I think she would be fabulous!

  10. Kathy says

    I think megan.jellyroll.miley.or even Cher or Madonna them 2 have had long lasting careers and Madonna has sold over 400 million records and look how long cher has been around she is awsome also Steven Tyler Kelly Clarkston or Gwen or Blake or Ariana grande or Elton John or gene Simmons

  11. Chris Pavoni says

    If Lionel or Luke ever leave it is a no-brainer who should replace them: Gene Simmons! But, we do need a female judge to replace Katie. Someone with her spunk, a great sense of humor as well as female sensibility and sensitivity. Kelly Clarkson!

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