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Chrisley Knows Best Julie Chrisley Struggling, Wants Todd With Her In Prison

Julie Chrisley is struggling without her husband Todd beside her in prison. She revealed that she had a cancer scare. The former Chrisley Knows Best star begged to have her husband with her in prison. Keep on reading to learn more.

Julie Chrisley – Broken Over Tumor News

Savannah Chrisley read her mom’s personal letters on a recent episode of her Unlocked podcast. She shared that Julie Chrisley is broken up over the news that she might have a tumor.

Julie feels alone in her battle, as she’s serving time for bank fraud and tax evasion. She doesn’t have her family or husband to comfort her.

Julie Chrisley Begs For Todd In Prison

Savannah has been fighting on her parents’ behalf. They have been outspoken about the prison conditions.

Both Julie and Todd have expressed their concern about the presence of mold at the respective facilities where they’re serving time. It could cause health problems, including cancer. Julie recently got the news that she never wanted to hear.

She learned that she might have a tumor. Julie Chrisley has gone through two bouts of cancer in the past.

During this special podcast episode, Savannah shared her mom’s thoughts on her new health scare. Julie was begging to have her husband Todd Chrisley with her in husband.

“I just want my husband. I don’t know if I can do this without him,” Julie wrote.

Julie wrote the letters after she reported to prison in January 2023. In one letter dated February 2, 2023, Julie shared that she was reported to the prison doctor after her tests came back.

“I walked in thinking it was gynecology. I sat down with the doctor and she proceeds to tell me that my HCG level was high — 10.2,” Julie wrote. “This is a pregnancy hormone. It should not be that high. If it were a little higher, I would test positive on a pregnancy test. Since that’s not a possibility, it could be a sign of a tumor.”

Begs For Todd Chrisley In Prison

Julie Chrisley struggled with this news. It felt like she was hit with a ton of bricks. She didn’t understand why she was dealing with more terrible news. Not only did she have to report to prison, but she also had to struggle with another possible cancer diagnosis.

“I literally fell apart,” Julie continued. “How can this be happening? I’m going to have blood work redone and get a scan. I’ve not told anyone and I’m not going to until I know what’s going on. I’m so scared. I just want my husband [Todd Chrisley]. I don’t know if I can do this without him.”

Julie Chrisley was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She had a double mastectomy, according to People.

A year later, the former reality star underwent a hysterectomy before revealing that she was in remission. Savannah wanted to share her mom’s letters to reveal the lack of care that inmates receive while in prison.

Julie Chrisley is not allowed to speak with Todd on the phone. The couple can only communicate via email. However, those emails take several days to receive because the prison monitors them.

What are your thoughts on Savannah sharing Julie Chrisley’s personal letters? What do you think of her health scare? Do you think she has the right to see her husband in prison? Sound off below in the comment section.

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