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Lindsie Chrisley’s Attorney Explains What Todd And Julie’s Appeal Means For Their Tax Evasion Sentencing

You’ve probably heard by now, if you’ve ever followed up on the Todd and Julie Chrisley case, that they’ve been sentenced to 12 years and 7 years in prison respectively, with 16 months of probation each.

This January, the reality TV couple will have to report to prison despite having appealed the case. They will go through the appeal process while they remain behind bars.

Todd and his wife Julie have maintained their innocence throughout this whole affair. Previously, Lindsie shared that seeing the injustice done to her parents by the justice system made her lose faith in it.

Now, her attorney, Musa Ghanayem, is educating fans on how the appeal process could proceed.

Lindsie Chrisley

Lindsie Chrisley’s – Attorney Explains The Possibilities Of Todd And Julie’s Appeal Trial

The Chrisley family has indeed come under intense scrutiny following the sentencing of the family patriarch and matriarch after they were found guilty of tax evasion. It is understood that Todd and Julie will serve the majority of their sentence in prison, and are set to be locked away for many years.

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, Lindsie’s attorney said that the appeal process will proceed even though the couple will report to prison this coming January.

“If some judge, at some point, chooses to grant an appellate bond where they can remain on bond while they are in the process of their appeal, that can be done as well,” he explained. “But I’m not sure if the status of that exists or if it’s been requested, but that is a possibility.”

He also explained whether a new trial is likely to commence as a result.

“The legal process would be if a new trial was ordered, they’d have to go through the whole process again,” he noted. “If there was an issue that was incorrect, it can be sent back down to be correct.”

The attorney continued, “Typically, the appellate panel will make a decision, make a ruling, and sometimes send it back down to enforce that ruling.”

Ghanayem also emphasized there also are “motions that have yet to be ruled on while sentencing is already over.”

Lindsie’s attorney’s statement is coming after the 33-year-old said that what her parents have endured at the hand of America’s criminal justice system “is not justice.”

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