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Counting On Alum Anna Duggar Leaves Instagram

Counting OnCounting On alum Anna Duggar went very quiet after he husband Josh was convicted of child-porn-related offenses. Well, a lot of people don’t blame her. On the odd occasion that she posted, she picked up a lot of hate. Now that she either deleted or archived her Instagram account, some TLC fans think it’s a good thing.

Counting On – Fans Were Frustrated With Anna Duggar

People didn’t hate Josh’s wife as much as they hated him. What perplexed them, is the fact that she stuck with him. In fact, she claimed that he was innocent and wouldn’t hear a word against him. Irritation rose higher when she did a post about there being “more to the story.” Nevertheless, a lot of people don’t really hate her. They just wish she would wake up, get out of the marriage, and protect her kids.

Counting On fans were a bit shocked to discover that despite being a TLC star for so long, Anna isn’t wealthy. In fact, she lives in a warehouse that has been converted. However, it might not be safe for human occupation. While some folks think she should rather return to her own family, she seems to stick with the Duggars. At the moment, some people suspect she is 100 percent relying on Jim Bob to provide for the children. 

Counting On – Fans Can’t Find Anna’s Instagram

Redditors discussed the disappearance of Anna’s Instagram account when the news arrived on the platform. Firstly, it was reported on TikTok, and then it made its way to the r/DuggarsSnark community. Shared by u/KillerDickens, plenty of people had their say. Actually, a lot of them felt that she did the right thing. One of them said, “Honestly it’s probably for the best.” 

Counting On Alum Anna Duggar Leaves Instagram
u/KillerDickens / Reddit

Counting On fans also checked out Anna’s Twitter, and that account is still up. However, she hardly ever posts anything there. In fact, even on Instagram, she seldom updated her followers. At one stage, TLC fans worried about her mental health, so they hope that her deletion or archiving of her Instagram was done for the right reasons: like protecting her children from public scrutiny. 

Counting On  – TLC Fans Discuss The Kids

Counting On fans talked about the children, and one of them said, “I’m glad it might provide the… kids more privacy.” Another one in agreement with that said, “I agree. It’s likely in the best interest of her and the children to go private.”

Of course, it’s not a law that people must have an Instagram account. Actually, the general feeling seems to be that as she wasn’t sharing much, she might as well archive it and just share her life with close friends and family. 

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