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Country Music Superstar Helps Chrisley Knows Best Clan

Savannah Chrisley experienced not just one but two disappointments this Thanksgiving. First, the Chrisley Knows Best alum’s parents Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley remain in prison. And second, Savannah’s new boyfriend, who survived the Beauty Queen Murder Plot, failed in their plans to get together for the holidays. 

However, country music superstar Jason Aldean came through for Savannah, her brother, and her niece. Get all the details below.

Savannah Chrisley Gives Thanks To Jason Aldean

Country music singer Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany Aldean saved Thanksgiving for Savannah Chrisley. And the Chrisley Knows Best star shared via People how the couple “opened their home” to her for the holidays. 

Country Music Superstar Helps Chrisley Knows Best Clan

As  a result, Savannah realized that “family isn’t just blood.” And she shared how much she appreciated Jason and Brittany for reaching out amid her parents Todd and Julie Chrisley’s prison sentences for bank and wire fraud.  The 26-year-old stayed for the entire holiday with the country music couple at their Turks and Caicos vacation home.

Meanwhile, Savannah has struggled to try to get her parents home earlier. Todd and Julie received their guilty verdicts in June 2022 for bank and wire fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy charges. And they will serve a combined 15 years, along with probation. 

Grayson Chrisley – Goes With Big Sister On Tropical Vacation

Savannah felt disappointed at first when her goal of spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend Robert Shiver “fell through.” But then Brittany invited her, her brother Grayson, 17, and niece Chloe, 11, to spend the holiday with them. Savannah met up with the country music couple at an event. 

“She was like, ‘What are y’all doing for Thanksgiving?’ And so I kinda just went into the ups and downs of it all, and so I told her, I was like, ‘I don’t know at this point’,” Savannah revealed. “I was like, ‘We’re trying to figure it out, trying to come up with some last-minute plans.’ She goes, ‘No.’ She was like, ‘Go to our house in Turks. Like, that’s where you’re going’.”

And so the Chrisley Knows Best star accepted. And she shared that she felt emotional when the country music couple “graciously opened up their home to us.” But Savannah shared that it also served as a reminder of “what awesome people I have in my life and people that just love on us, and they see, like, tough times.”

Savannah Chrisley – Feels ‘Emotional’ About Help

And the Chrisley Knows Best star admitted, “It makes me emotional just talking about it. Because it has been tough not having Mom and Dad home,” said Savannah. “And to see the people around me that have loved us and cared about us, it made me realize that family isn’t just blood. You can have a family that you weren’t born into and, for me, those are friends. Those are friends who show up like family should, and for that I’m so grateful.”

Savannah received custody of Grayson and Chloe when her parents reported to prison in January. And she also expressed appreciation for how Jason has served as a support for her brother Grayson. But Savannah didn’t forget Brittany, sharing that Jason’s wife also has helped her family. 

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