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Duggar Fans Think Jessa Duggar Is In Crisis Over Jinger’s Memoir

Ever since Jinger Duggar announced her upcoming Memoir titled “Breaking Free,” there’s been trouble in paradise amongst the Duggar family.

Jinger’s tall-all memoir promises to reveal a lot of never before heard experiences she and her siblings were all forced to undergo by their parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

Due to the gravity of the contents of Jinger’s new book, there are reports that some of her siblings are not in support of her revealing private things about their family to the public, while others are fully behind Jinger’s move of exposure. It’s also said that Jinger stands the chance of being disowned by her parents (once again) once the book drops. Either way, fans are of the opinion that the sole reason for Jinger’s new book is at war with Jinger.


Jessa Duggar — Fans Think Jessa’s Silence On Jinger Duggar Vuolo Means Trouble

Jinger has always been vocal about how she finally realized that her parents’ doctrines are wrong in every way. Her eyes seemed to have opened after she visited the church of her sister Jessa’s husband Ben Seewald’s Church.

After her first visit, Jinger Duggar saw Christianity in a different light. According to Jinger, “I realized that some of what I had been taught was hurtful and untrue, I knew I needed to speak publicly about this because I promoted teachings that I now believe are damaging.”

“I noticed his church read the Bible in its entirety and preached scripture that way. I feel like now I’m in a much better place. I see God as amazing.”

Anyways, after Jinger announced to her fans on her Instagram to anticipate her book on Tuesday, January 31, there came rumors of Jessa not being on good terms with Jinger for putting her in the middle of her [Jinger] soon-to-be chaotic book. The rumors arose after nothing was heard from Jessa regarding Jinger’s memoir.

Jessa Duggar — Fans’ Reactions To Jessa Duggar’s Silence

Fans on Reddit shared their opinion on Jessa’s silence, one person said, “I’m starting to genuinely wonder if there is a possibility that after Jinger started coming out with her story, Jessa is having a similar crisis of faith, and that’s why we’ve barely heard from her, It also could explain why she hasn’t come out and supported Jinger with her book yet.”

The same person continued, “Maybe she feels confused by what Jinger is doing, but a part of it also feels like the right thing to do,” this person continued. We already know that Ben was the BIL who encouraged Jinger to look past the IBLP before her new headship, so that kind of idea could already be existing in Jessa’s head. What do you guys think?”

Someone else added, “I’m definitely thinking she’s having some type of life crisis right now. But I’m more thinking some type of marriage/family crisis. I don’t believe Ben and her are happy together, they seem more like friends/roommates that have kids together than an actual romantic couple.”

Another person is of the opinion that Jessa might be on good terms with Jinger but not know how to express it due to how they were raised. “I think she has feelings she’s just repressed them so deeply. “This is very common in conservative/strict families, emotions are not to be expressed and the only acceptable emotion in many homes is anger, at least by the parents, children aren’t allowed that one either.”

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