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Gerry Turner Becomes America’s Most-Hated Man

Gerry Turner singlehandedly became the most hated man in America. He received even more scrutiny after the news of his divorce from Theresa Nist. This is a stark turn from when he was the man who made the nation swoon about his love story. Read on to learn more.

Golden Bachelor – Makes Record Success

Gerry Turner achieved fame from the success of The Golden Bachelor. When the show premiered in September 2023, America fell in love with his story. He described himself as a retiree and widower who was looking for love again. Gerry lost his wife Toni to cancer in 2017.

He claimed that he hasn’t dated anyone since. His nationwide search kicked off on the spinoff series, which focused on senior citizens finding another chance at love.

Gerry Turner Becomes America's Most-Hated Man

After he courted 22 women, Gerry proposed to Theresa Nist in the season finale. The couple got married in a live televised event.

Things seemed to be going well for the couple. They were riding high off the success of the Golden Bachelor. Bachelor Nation fans were desperate for more. They demanded ABC to announced the female lead of the Golden Bachlorette.

That all came crashing down when Gerry Turner’s past came back to haunt him. He made genuine connections with the women on the show.

However, allegations about his past were exposed in The Hollywood Reporter. Suddenly, Gerry wasn’t seen as wholesome and innocent.

He came off as a man who rehearsed his his lines. Gerry misled Bachelor Nation about his dating history after the death of his wife.

He dated multiple women and was in a long-term relationship with one in particular. The woman, who remained anonymous, shared Gerry’s dark side in the candid article.

Gerry Turner – Gets Backlash

Gerry Turner’s past and divorce tarnished his image. He’s been getting more backlash from Bachelor Nation.

Most feel they were duped by the reality series. Gerry’s latest Instagram post is filled with comments from disappointed fasn.

“You guys made a mockery of marriage. Absolutely ridiculous,” one user noted. “How could you tell the interviewer you were still looking for love while still being in love with Theresa, make it make sense,” another user wrote.

“All a haox. He’s been known to be controlling and a womanizer. Wanted to believe he changed, but it doesn’t look like it,” a third fan commented.

Some fans are ripping into Gerry Turner. They’re calling him “fame-hungry” and a “low-life scoundrel.” Ouch. What are your thoughts on Gerry now? Sound off below in the comment section.

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