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Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Leslie Fhima’s Family Slams Gerry Turner’s Decision

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal that Leslie Fhima’s family slammed Gerry Turner’s decision. The Thursday, November 30 live season finale came as a shock to Bachelor Nation. Gerry got backlash for his hasty decision.

He turned down Leslie after confessing that he was in love with her. He then realized that he had feelings for Theresa Nist. Gerry awkwardly let Leslie down as he revealed his true feelings. Leslie told Gerry that he led her on — and Bachelor Nation agrees. Keep on reading to see what her family has to say on this matter.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Gerry Turner Slammed

According to the Golden Bachelor spoilers, Gerry Turner got slammed. Not only by Bachelor Nation but also by one of Leslie Fhima’s family members. On Thursday’s show, viewers watched Gerry send Leslie home. He went on to propose to his now-fiance Theresa Nist.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Leslie Fhima's Family Slams Gerry Turner's Decision

He dumped Leslie during an awkward conversation in her hotel room in Costa Rica. Gerry confessed that he fell in love with Theresa.

Leslie reminded him that he told her the same thing just days ago. The former dancer was understandably upset with Gerry for lying to her about how he felt.

“When I left, you asked me if there was something I had to say to you… I’ve kind of made a decision about how I want to go about this and I have fallen in love with Theresa and that’s the direction I’m going to take,” Gerry told Leslie.

The Golden Bachelor spoilers suggest that Leslie felt misled by Gerry’s promises. She called him out for leading her on. He made it seem like he was going to choose her. Leslie even felt confident about getting the final rose.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Leslie Fhima’s Family Speaks Out

One of Leslie Fhima’s family members has spoken out. The person wanted to remain anonymous. An anonymous source shared their thoughts exclusively with The U.S. Sun.

“Yeah, I have an opinion [on Gerry]… you don’t say those kinds of things to a 64-year-old grandmother unless you mean them!” the family member said. “I was disappointed about that. Obviously, he did [lie]. He said you’re the one. He told her that she was the one and he wishes this could be over with.”

The Golden Bachelor spoilers also reveal that Gerry got help from his daughters, Jenny and Angie, and his granddaughters, Payton and Charlee.

Bachelor Nation fans were upset when they persuaded him to choose Theresa over Leslie. They shared their concerns about the former dancer and fitness instructor.

What are your thoughts on Gerry Turner’s journey? Did it surprise you that one of Leslie Fhima’s family members called him out? Sound off below in the comment section.

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