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Jessa Duggar Welcomes Fifth Baby: Hoping For 19 Kids And Counting Reboot?!

Duggar family news and updates reveal that Jessa Duggar has welcomed her fifth baby. And the 19 Kids And Counting alum expressed her gratitude on social media.

Find out how Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, expanded their family. And keep reading to learn how fans speculated that Jessa would like to star in a reboot of 19 Kids And Counting.

Jessa Duggar Welcomes Fifth Baby

Just missing the chance to become a Christmas Day baby, the fifth infant in Jessa Duggar’s family arrived into the world on December 19. But because Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald previously experienced a miscarriage, they felt “grateful,” she shared via Us.

Jessa Duggar Welcomes Fifth Baby: Hoping For 19 Kids And Counting Reboot?!

And the 31-year-old 19 Kids And Counting alum shared all the details on her YouTube channel. “So, after laboring for about 12 hours, I was moved [from an emergency room bed] into my room and I was able to get an epidural shortly after that,” revealed Jessa. “And it worked great on one side and it was, like, sort of spotty on the other side,” she added.

However, the reality TV star then went into graphic detail. “It wasn’t a perfect take,” she added. “But I would say 80 percent better than what it was before getting it.” And after her doctor told her that the baby remained “high up,” she “shut off” the epidural.

Jessa Duggar Describes Her Fifth Baby’s Arrival

And Jessa described how her midwife helped her try different positions to help her baby come into the world. In addition to her 28-year-old husband Ben, Jessa’s mother Michelle supported her.

And Jessa recalled, “The sweetest moment [was] when they raised the baby up and put him on me. Just holding him there, I think there were just so many emotions in that moment [and] so many things that you’re processing. It’s been a year since we lost our last baby and just a flood of emotions.”

Since their wedding in November 2014, Jessa and her hubby have expanded their family with sons Spurgeon and Henry and daughters Ivy and Fern. And in the wake of a miscarriage, Jessa revealed in September 2023 that she felt thankful for another pregnancy.

Jessa Duggar Gushes About Motherhood

“After a heartbreaking loss last year, we’re so thankful God has blessed us with a rainbow baby,” she shared. And the 19 Kids and Counting alum posted her positive pregnancy test. But six months prior, Jessa revealed her heartbreak over her miscarriage.

And she revealed, “Nothing could’ve prepared me for the weight of those words at that moment.” And Jessa had suffered another miscarriage before welcoming her daughter Fern. 

But as she looks back, Jessa feels grateful for her experiences as a mother. “I think there were so many things that I felt like, ‘I totally know how to do this. I’ve been around kids’,” she admitted. “But then when it’s your own kid, it’s totally different.”

And Jessa gushing about motherhood as she keeps expanding her brood made fans speculate. Does Michelle Duggar’s daughter hope that she can star in a reboot of 19 Kids And Counting? And how many children does Jessa want?

Tell us what you think. Do you suspect Jessa would like to star in her own version of 19 Kids And Counting? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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