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Jinger Duggar Teases New Book: Release Date, Details & More

Jinger Duggar not so subtly teased a new book in the works. Its release isn’t scheduled until 2025. One fan noticed that it was available for pre-sale on Amazon. In early 2023, the former Counting On star released her book, Becoming Free Indeed. She talked about her upbringing in the Duggar family.

Jinger also appeared in the Amazon Prime docuseries entitled Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. Does she have more to share? Keep on reading to learn more.

Jinger Duggar’s – New Book Release

There are new details about Jinger Duggar’s new book. The supposed new book is titled People Please: Breaking Free From the Burden of Imaginary Expectations.

Jinger Duggar Teases New Book: Release Date, Details & More

This one is different from the last in which she talks about being a chronic people pleaser. She also shows readers how to end this toxic pattern. The book is scheduled for release in 2025.

One fan took to Reddit to share the details of Jinger’s new book. They admitted they were snooping around at the different books she published on Amazon.

This new one came as a surprise since she never announced it on social media. Jinger will likely announce this book later this year on all of her platforms.

Fans took to the Reddit thread to snark at the former TLC star. One dubbed her as a “Jeremy pleaser,” referring to her husband Jeremy Vuolo.

Others noted that Jinger Duggar is still a people pleaser when it comes to the Duggars. She shocked fans when she spent the holidays with them.

Counting On – Star Breaks Free From People Pleasing

The news of her new book brought up an interesting discussion in the thread. Some fans speculated whether the former reality star is still a people pleaser. What’s true is that she developed people pleasing due to her strict Christian upbringing.

“Wow, if this is true it’s pretty interesting. I’m sure Jinger won’t touch on the fact that her people pleasing is probably a result of religious guilt, abusive parents, and exploitation, but we can hope,” one fan noted.

Other fans argued they wouldn’t take advice from Jinger Duggar. They don’t believe that she’s broken away from her people-pleasing ways.

Fans would trust her more if she addressed her traumatic upbringing and abusive parents even if she’s in therapy. Jinger was criticized for not diving deep into her toxic faith and childhood.

What are your thoughts on Jinger Duggar’s new book? Do you plan to read it? Would you turn to her for advice? Sound off below in the comment section.

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