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Josh Duggar Defense Gets ’19 Kids And Counting’ Alum Moved To ‘Safe’ Prison

Josh Duggar Defense Gets '19 Kids And Counting' Alum Moved To 'Safe' PrisonJosh Duggar has undergone dramatic changes since he first appeared on the reality TV show “19 Kids And Counting.” For instance, Josh became the father of seven children with wife Anna Duggar. But he also ended up in one scandal after another. And the latest, involving child pornography, put Josh behind bars for the next 12 years. 

However, a new report shows that Duggar actually won in a specific area. Find out how his defense helped to protect Josh during his years in prison. Get all the details below. 

Josh Duggar Scores A ‘Laid-Back’ Prison!

Prison doesn’t usually get described as “laid-back.” But a new report from Newsweek claims just that about the prison where Josh Duggar landed. The move to the supposedly “laid-back” prison in Texas follows a guilty verdict of child pornography in May 2022. 

Officials transferred Duggar to FCI Seagoville for the remainder of his sentence. The low-security federal prison houses male inmates in Seagoville, Texas. Run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Seagoville has become known as a “safe” place for offenders such as Josh. And Duggar, sadly, joins a flood of others guilty of child pornography.

For instance, the United States Sentencing Commission sentenced more than 1,200 individuals for child pornography offenses in 2021. Josh, 34, highlights what a report from the Department of Justice (DOJ) found. “The expansion of the Internet has led to an explosion in the market for child pornography,” stated the DOJ. 

About half of offenders receive the five-year minimum sentence. And slightly over 15 percent get a sentence as long as Josh’s. However, Duggar possesses a lengthy history of scandals.

Josh Duggar Scandal History Began In 2015

In 2015, Anna Duggar’s husband first attracted attention for wrong-doing. At the time, reports alleged that he molested several underage girls. And his sisters reportedly numbered among the victims. Duggar subsequently starred in scandals including cheating on his constantly-loyal wife. But Josh’s child pornography guilty verdict proved the scandal that landed him in prison.

Josh’s move to the new prison took place on June 24, 2022. On that date, Duggar moved from the Washington County Detention Center to Seagoville to begin his 12-year prison sentence. When that ends, Josh will begin two decades of supervised release. And he must follow certain rules. For example, Josh cannot experience any unsupervised visits with minors.

Josh’s defense team specifically requested Seagoville. And a promotion video from a federal prison consultancy reveals the advantages for Duggar. That consultancy, the Zoukis Consulting Group, claims Josh’s new prison remains “safe” for sex offenders. And the jail also provides various sources of help for inmates. For instance, prison officials make drug abuse treatment and GED classes available. In addition, the video promises that sex offenders like Duggar can feel “safe to walk the yard.”

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Josh Duggar deserves a safe prison? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news. 

  1. Jo Heath says

    Didn’t his victims deserve to be safe walking the streets, apparently no one puts as much into the safety or the rights of children. Why should he feel safe, they ( his victims) NEVER will again!

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