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Josh Duggar’s Legal Team Submits New Appeal

Josh Duggar’s legal team submitted a new appeal. A judge rejected his previous appeal back in September or October 2023. Meanwhile, Josh’s prison unit was the subject of a raid. Keep on reading to learn more.

Josh Duggar’s – Housing Unit Under Raid

Josh Duggar spent his 36th birthday at FCI Seagoville, where he’s served over a decade for possessing and receiving child pornography.

He wants to have his prison time cut short so he can return home to his wife Anna Duggar and their kids. However, his prison was under a raid.

Josh Duggar's Legal Team Submits New Appeal

Correction officers showed up at the prison. They raided the unit for contraband. Josh’s housing unit was in trouble for keeping illegal items.

Officers discovered alcohol and other illegal items. Josh has been in trouble with the prison before.

The Counting On star allegedly snuck in a cell phone with him. He was removed from the general population to solitary confinement. Josh Duggar ended up in SHU for months. Cell phones aren’t allowed in prison.

Josh moved back to the general population a month later. However, that could change if he was caught with other contraband again.

As a result, Josh’s prison sentence increased by two months. This latest raid set new restrictions, such as limited access to phone calls from friends and family members.

Josh Duggar Spoilers – Legal Team Files Another Appeal

In the meantime, Josh Duggar’s legal team filed a new appeal. They want to get him out of his 12 1/2-year prison sentence. A judge shut down his last appeal in October 2023. Now, his legal team is attempting another argument in the ongoing legal drama.

Josh’s lawyers are asking the Supreme Court to look at his case. They’re requesting the highest court in the United States to overturn his conviction.

Spokesperson Justin Gelfand argued that federal agents prevented the reality star from contacting his legal team.

He also argued that the defense wasn’t allowed to ask who had access to Josh Duggar’s work computer, where they found the child porn.

It’s unclear whether Gelfand is representing Josh or working with his legal team for his latest appeal. There hasn’t been an update on whether the Supreme Court will investigate the case.

There’s a slim chance that they will appeal Josh’s case. What are your thoughts? Do you think he’ll get out of prison early? Do you think he has a case? Sound off below in the comment section.

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