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Little People, Big World Spoilers: Isabel Roloff’s Latest Post Shocks Fans, Is She Living on the Roloff Farm?

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that there are fans who aren’t too sure what is going on with Isabel and Jacob Roloff.

In fact, there have been a lot of rumors that Isabel and Jacob are inheriting the farm from Matt Roloff.

They have been there since he denied the farm to his sons, Jeremy and Zach Roloff. Now it looks as if Isabel and Jacob have gotten very comfortable living there.

In Isabel’s newest post on social media, she confused plenty of her followers. Redditors felt as if she was trying to hint more about inheriting the farm. Let’s find out more.

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Isabel Roloff's Latest Post Shocks Fans, Is She Living on the Roloff Farm?

Isabel’s Newest Post

Isabel shared a picture of her husband with his father on her Instagram account. She captioned it, “The story of how our family ended up on Roloff Farms. Y

ou’ve probably heard many different versions of this story. Here’s mine.” She then added a link to her personal site where her fans could subscribe to read the full story on why she is at the farm these days.

As soon as Redditors saw the post, they were quick to jump in about what they thought about Isabel and Jacob living on the farm.

Some Redditors feel as if Jacob and Isabel haven’t been able to work 9 to 5 jobs and that is why they are still living with his parents.

These Redditors also added that Matt mentioned that if he dies first, Amy Roloff will be the one who will inherit the property.

Do Isabel and Jacob Live on the Farm?

There are plenty of rumors that Matt is playing favorites when it comes to Isabel and Jacob living on the farm.

There are also some fans that claim that after Jacob came out about being sexually molested while working on the show, that Matt and Amy may feel as if they owe him the farm.

Matt and Amy seem to have forgotten about Jacob when he left the show, but when he opened up about his childhood trauma, they did their best to help him through it.

Some fans of Little People, Big World feel that Jacob is doing his best to help his father on the farm and this could be why he is still living there. As of right now, Jacob and Isabel are living there happily with their son.

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