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Little People, Big World Spoilers: Why Does Jeremy Roloff Look So Miserable?

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that some fans are curious why Jeremy Roloff always looks so miserable when he is with his wife, Audrey Roloff. The couple has made it a point to go on 52 dates a year no matter what. Audrey has started counting their running time as dates together, but as Jeremy shows up more and more on these dates, fans can’t help but see how he looks.

Little People, Big World  – Why Is He So Miserable?

Audrey documented a ten-mile run earlier in the week and told her fans that it was another date for them. During the run, she took some photos and Jeremy just looked like he would rather be somewhere else. She captioned these photos, “Date 14/52 another weekend long run together and a little stormier this weekend.

We’re running into a massive storm.” She showed her fans the clouds that were beginning to form and they thought it was a little crazy to be out running in a hail storm.

Jeremy Roloff


In one of the other pictures, he was standing next to Audrey and it looked as if he was scowling at her. Perhaps it was the fact that she made them go running in a storm or the fact that she has to take pictures of every single thing that they do. As soon as her fans saw these photos, they immediately had to chime in on how unhappy Jeremy looked.

Little People, Big World  – Redditors Attack Audrey

There is one thing about Audrey that fans have discovered, she gets a lot of hate no matter what she does. It seems that she has really started to embrace it at this point.

One Redditor shared these photos and wrote, “Another week, another ‘running date’, but this time in a storm. Jeremy always looks so irritated when she pans over to him in every video she makes.” Another added, “Miserable. I think you mean he always looks miserable.” One more added, “That marriage always seems like it’s on the brink of collapse.”\

The comments didn’t stop there though. One more added, “How long are these people going to document every move they make? He always looks completely disgusted or even over it in her posts. I know how annoying it can be to my own family to simply get a couple of pics or a quick video over a holiday or vacation… they’d probably grab my phone and throw it if I posted this much crap about them. Exercise with your spouse isn’t a date.”

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