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Little People, Big World Tori And Zach Rolloff Are Living Through This Homeowners’ Nightmare

Tori and Zach Roloff are sadly saying goodbye to the world of “Little People, Big World,” and they’ve already made steps for that. For one, they bought their own home and are experiencing, maybe for the first time maybe not, what it really means to get to own and manage a property.

Tori Rolloff – Details The Experience Of Dealing With A “Pipe Burst”

Tori Rolloff is dealing with every homeowner’s nightmare; having a major issue with your new home just when you’re still settling in.

While it’s no doubt Tori loves her new home, these unexpected challenges aren’t adding to her joys. But oh well, like everything in life, some challenges are bound to occur.

Tori And Zach Rolloff Of “Little People, Big World” Are Living Through This Homeowners' Nightmare

“When you had a pipe burst and your kitchen gets completely torn up and fans are running in your house 24 hours and you can’t hear yourself think and if you have to decide what we’re getting for take out one more time you might lose your mind and you’re expecting your iced coffee to [perform] miracles. Beats me,” Tori Rolloff said of the overwhelming experience.

The experience of having their own home has been a great one for them, but they’re still adjusting to the whole thing and learning to manage without that sweet sweet reality TV money.

She also shared that the pipe burst meant that a lot of her kitchen cabinets, flooring, and the kitchen island will need to be removed.

This is also happening at a very unfortunate time for the reality TV star, whose husband Zach traveled to Michigan on business.

To make the whole situation worse, the building’s heating has gone haywire and their home hasn’t been heated for eight days. Luckily, they have a wood-burning fireplace connected, which serves to provide them with some heat.

While it’s not any homeowners dream to run into these problems so soon after purchasing a property, Tori and Roloff probably have enough saved to do the repairs without sweating it out too much.

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