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Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson’s Boyfriend Gets Hate From Josh Efird

Mama June spoilers reveal that Alana Thompson’s boyfriend, Dralin Carswell has started to irritate some of Alana’s family members. One family member in particular is her brother-in-law, and adopted father, Josh Efird.

Dralin seems to have been pushing him and now Josh’s true colors are coming out. Josh has always been very even keel, but now it seems as if Dralin is really pushing his buttons.

Josh has always been there to help and support Alana and will do anything for her. Now it looks as if he is starting to get very irritated with Dralin and how he acts. Let’s find out more.

Josh Gets Nasty with Dralin

Alana and Dralin have been dating for about two years now. When they first started dating, Pumpkin and Josh were very clear with Dralin that Alana has been through some tough stuff.

Mama June Spoilers: Alana Thompson's Boyfriend Gets Hate From Josh Efird

They told him the best way to treat her and put their foot down when it came to the fact that he may want to drink, since he is older, but Alana was still a teenager.

Overall, at least from watching the show, Dralin is very good to Alana and her family seems to accept him as her boyfriend. However, fans have seen a different take on the relationship between Dralin and Josh.

However, Dralin was recently arrested for a DUI and this has put a damper on his relationship with Alana’s family. Not only was he drinking and driving, but according to the police report, he tried to outrun the police with Alana and others in the car.

This put multiple lives in danger and this does not fly with Josh. Because Alana was taken to the police station, her family had to be called. Josh lost it when he found out what happened and he ended up coming at Dralin and got himself handcuffed too.

Redditors Speak Out

Redditors love to weigh in on the family drama between Dralin and Josh and they were quick to start this week.

One wrote, “Since day one I just never liked this guy, he just always seemed like a big a** wipe to me. Now seeing how he literally attacks and cussed at the police for defending Dralin, who could have probably even KILLED Alana in the car chase, he really is a piece of s**t like Pumpkin.”

Another added, “I can’t believe they tried to use the excuse they were trying to find a safe place to pull over… the chase was over 3 miles… in 3 miles, there was no place to pull over? Or at least slow down and let the police know what you were doing.I don’t see why Alana likes him, but who didn’t like a worthless POS as a teen? I really don’t see how Pumpkin and Josh are ok with him. Does he supply their drugs?? It can’t be his money.”

Who knows if Alana and Dralin will stay together now that she is off to college, but we will keep an eye on things in the meantime.

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