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Savannah Chrisley Finally Admits Her Parents Are Guilty!

Savannah Chrisley is finally admitting that her parents are guilty. She has been fighting on their behalf as they serve time in prison.

Savannah spoke with lawyer Alex Little about their ongoing legal drama. What Savannah says next in the interview surprises her fans. Keep on reading to learn more.

Todd And Julie Chrisley’s – Appeal

Their appeal case is coming up on April 19, 2024. It has been pushed back a few times. Todd and Julie Chrisley will finally get the chance to argue their appeal. It’s rare for oral arguments to take place during their appeal hearing. The judges will decide whether their arguments have weight.

This is good news for the couple who’s been fighting to break out of prison. They feel that their voices will finally be heard.

Savannah Chrisley Finally Admits Guilt For Parents?

However, some critics argued that Todd and Julie will only get a shorter sentence. Since they were convicted of fraud and tax evasion, they still have to serve the time.

Savannah Chrisley spoke to Alex Little on the latest episode of her Unlocked podcast. They discussed the upcoming appeal hearing. Both of them believe there will be a retrial for two reasons.

One reason is that there’s an unconstitutional search. The other is that there was a statement that an IRS officer made in court that turned out to be wrong.

Savannah and Alex agree that the search showed there was evidence of criminal activity founding. However, the court may want to throw that out.

Savannah Chrisley – Admits Parents Are Guilty?

During the podcast, Savannah Chrisley may have admitted her parent’s guilt. Alex Little used former president Donald Trump’s trial as an example. He feels there are plot holes in that case as well. In this case, it’s important to ask questions.

Some fans noticed that Savannah admitted her parent’s wrongdoing. She suggested that the evidence that included her mom’s paperwork shouldn’t have been included.

Savannah is allegedly admitting that there is evidence that proves that her parents are guilty. They are slowly realizing their mistakes.

Alex told Savannah, “You and your parents are learning that one the hard way. A law is just something on paper.”

Fans noted that Savannah Chrisley was aware of her parent’s wrongdoing. They tried to lie and cover up the system. The only reason that Savannah is fighting for them is that she wants them back home.

“Honestly, I believe she and Chase knew what their parents were doing. I can’t believe they made all their money from real estate. Is it possible? Most likely. But the way they showed their lives on tv there’s no way they made all that money from real estate and whatever else they were doing,” one fan noted.

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