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Sister Wives: Christine Brown And David Woolley’s Marriage Already In Trouble

Sister Wives viewers are currently watching Christine Brown marry her new man David Woolley on TLC this month, the two part wedding special is proving to be a hit for the network.  Since Christine Brown introduced David Woolley to the world, the Sister Wives star has had nothing but nice things to say about her husband.  But, is there something going on behind closed doors?

David Woolley seems like the perfect husband and a great step-father to Christine Brown’s kids.  Since the couple met, Christine Brown has praised him on social media and in interviews. 

Let’s be real though, after everything she has said about Kody Brown, can she really admit that David isn’t all that and a bag of chips?  Christine is a proud woman, the last thing she would ever publicly do is admit she made a mistake by marrying a man she barely knew.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Is Christine’s Marriage In Trouble?

According to Sister Wives spoilers, the honeymoon phase may be over at the Brown-Woolley house. 

That’s generally what happens when you jump head first in to a relationship and marry a man to make your polygamous husband jealous. 

Sister Wives: Christine Brown And David Woolley's Marriage Already In Trouble

Is Christine’s happily-ever-after really all that happy or is she having doubts about her rushed marriage?

An insider close to the situation recently dished to the Sun that there may be trouble in paradise.  Here’s what the tipster had to say, “Most of her inner circle is having a hard time believing that it’s true love and she fell in love so fast.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown’s Daughters Have Doubts

The Sun source went on to say that Christine’s older daughters Aspyn and Ysabel think it’s only a matter of time before the relationship goes south, if it hasn’t already started to.

“The reason why the girls are not into him is because they refuse to get attached.  They have some doubts and believe it’s not going to last,” the source added.

Do you think that Christine’s loved ones are right and she rushed to the altar a little too soon?  Or is David Woolley really the one for her? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below and check back here for more Sister Wives spoilers and updates.

  1. globee says

    Christine is a mean woman, she will do anything to make us,Kody, and Robyn believe that she has happily gone on with her life. How does she not take more time to not only learn who David is, but to see who she really is. There is soo much anger, spite, unhappiness, and jealousy that she is carrying around, and until she has had enough time to get rid of it, she won’t be happy.

  2. Mary says

    I believe they love each other very much. Give them a chance let them adapt like any marriage the good and the bad. Be true to yourself. Dont bring negatively to their marriage ,be positive. Daughters pray for your mom. We should all pray for her marriage and every marriage. Some people can’t see a good thing when it hits them in the face.

  3. Judy says

    I hope she hasn’t made a mistake getting married so fast

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