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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shades Kody With Awesome Tee

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Shades Kody With Awesome Tee

As if Sister Wives star Christine Brown hadn’t won enough hearts, this week, she shaded Kody with a really amazing tee shirt. So, her many TikTok fans agreed that she’s really worthy of the title “Queen.” As it came soon after Kody tested her on their anniversary, it makes it even sweeter for her loyal supporters.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown Joins TikTok

TLC spoilers revealed that Kody Brown claimed his now ex-wife would regret leaving him. However, it looks like none of his dire predictions came true. Recall, he admitted that he tried to test her by suggesting they should share about their 27th wedding anniversary. According to him, when she refused, “[moving] somewhere else isn’t going to be any better than what she’s had or got.”

A few months ago, Sister Wives fans saw that Peadon had started a TikTok, and there, he happily shaded his dad. From wearing one of the “What Does The Nanny Do?” tees to suggesting he’s not a real man, he shaded Kody. Later, he got his mom to sign up on the platform. And, now, like her son, she also shaded him with a tee. Fans loved it so much, that it soon spread across social media. 

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Reveals Her Funny Side

When Christine posted about her new tee shirt, u/jamiekynnminer on Reddit shared it. In the caption, they wrote, “All hail Queen Christine👑.” Well, Kody might regret that his third wife left him. After all, fans agree that she has a wonderful sense of humor. In her TikTok, she explained that she was out at a bar in Salt Lake City. Probably, she’s a regular there as the people gave her a shirt. It said, “I’ve Tried Polygamy.”

Sister Wives Christine Brown Shades Kody With Awesome Tee
Christine Brown TikTok via u/jamiekynnminer

Captioning it with “Polygamyporter,” she laughed about it and claimed that she’d “Checked” polygamy off her list of things she’d done. Sister Wives fans who watched it raved about the TLC star. One of them noted, “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt! This is amazing!” 

Another viewer wrote, “T Shirt – Check. Divorced Check. TV Show Check (her own TV show).”

RLC Fans Adore Kody Brown’s Ex-Wife’s Shade

Sister Wives fans couldn’t say enough good things about Christine Brown. A follower wrote, “Queen Christine is wearing an iconic t-shirt and being shady at the same time. Bow down to Queen Christine!”

Plenty of them agreed that she’s definitely worthy of being called the “Queen.”  Another follower commented, “That’s hilarious! She has such a positive attitude and seems like a genuinely kind and fun person.”

What are your thoughts about Christine Brown shading Kody with her awesome tee? Shout out in the comments below. 

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