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Sister Wives: Does Kody Brown Need To ‘Buy Meri A Billboard?’

Sister Wives Season 18 now has a trailer and a release date. It premieres on TLC on August 20. Ahead of that, fans become a bit exasperated with Meri after Kody Brown told her to go. So, some fans wonder if he actually needs to “buy a billboard” for her to get the go-away memo.

Sister Wives Star Meri Never Accepted Kody’s Rejection

In Season 17, TLC fans learned that it was Kody who told Meri to leave their marriage. Mind you, not much came except that Meri talked about it in the Tell-All.

Although Meri remained with Kody’s family for many years, she faced criticism for allowing him to publicly humiliate her on TV. Over time, she never seemed to get the message that he didn’t want her.

Nevertheless, she remained So, Meri remained hopeful about reconciliation and even claimed that she would snap Kody back up in an instant, despite his evident preference for Robyn.

Sister Wives: Does Kody Brown Need To 'Buy Meri A Billboard?'

Sister Wives fans always expected that Meri would be the first wife out of Kody’s family. However, it turned out that Christine took the bull by the horns and left first. Ever since then, TLC fans have sung her praises. Of course, fans also heard late in the day that Janelle had left, and the new season reveals her telling Christine that it was her decision: unlike Meri who was actually told to just go. If you don’t know, she’s in Parowan where she has her BNB. 

Sister Wives: Meri Is Not Getting The Message

TLC fans can finally agree with Kody Brown about something. In the trailer, he said that he doesn’t “even know what to do with Meri.” Fans can relate to that as they told her for years via her social media to get out of her loveless spiritual marriage. In fact, last year, fans grew incensed with her when she said that she found “strength” in hanging around hoping he’d change his mind. Actually, that seemed to be so disempowering for women. 

Sister Wives Does Kody Brown Need To Buy Meri A Billboard
TLC / Instagram

In Sister Wives Season 18, Kody and Meri talked with each other, and he wanted her gone. However, she said, “I don’t want you to think I’m walking away because sorry, I still have hope.” Later, she told Robyn that she was leaving but that it wasn’t her choice. Robynh cried and gave Kody a tearful lecture about she’d miss everyone. So, fans decided that Meri needs something like a billboard announcing Kody’s lack of love to drive home the message. 

‘Buy Meri A Billboard?’

Sister Wives fans who watched the trailer on Instagram grew irritated with Meri. One of them said in the comments, “Omg Mary! Don’t ever let a man tell you more than once he DOES NOT WANT YOU. How many seasons ago did he say this y’all? Ugh! It’s beyond feeling sorry for her; it’s more so like what’s wrong with you Mary? (sic) He’s done!”

In the replies, @msdawn42 wrote, “…he’s told her in words and actions. What does he have to do? Buy a flippin’ billboard.”

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