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Sister Wives: Kody STEALS Meri’s Ring Money, Says Disloyal Christine!

Sister Wives spoilers reveal Meri Brown becoming furious with Christine Brown. And Meri’s frustration grows as she discovers exactly how her sister wife betrayed her on their reality TV show.

But at the same time, Christine spilling Meri’s very private heartbreak uncovers yet another of Kody Brown’s horrific actions. Keep reading to see if Meri uses Christine as a scapegoat when Kody is the real villain.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Gets ‘Frustrated’

Meri Brown struggles to manage her emotions in part 2 of Sister Wives: 1-on-1 spoilers. And the Sister Wives star gets increasingly upset when she discovers Christine Brown told Meri’s wedding ring story to host Sukanya Krishnan. “I am extremely frustrated right now. Beyond,” says Meri, 52, in a sneak peek via Us.

Sister Wives: Kody STEALS Meri’s Ring Money, Says Disloyal Christine!

And the scene in the Sister Wives tell-all enhances the multi-episode reunion by exploring Meri’s side of a shocking story. “After we did the taping for the 1-on-1 interviews with Suki, I found out that a story was brought up about me,” reveals the Sister Wives star. 

And Meri confessed, “That is not a story that I have ever shared publicly.” But her emotions overwhelmed her, choking her up. However, the Sister Wives star finally revealed why she felt so upset.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Betrays Meri Brown

And Meri feels that Christine cheated her out of the opportunity to tell her personal saga. “That is my story to tell when, where and how I want to. And somebody else took it upon themselves to tell that story,” pointed out Meri about Christine.

As a result, Meri feels “forced to talk about it. I’m not happy about it,” sums up the Sister Wives star. But more than unhappiness, Meri clearly feels that Christine cheated her out of choosing when, how, and where to make her private past with Kody public.

As a result of Christine’s tell-all tendency, the 51-year-old revealed what happened in Meri and Kody’s relationship before they split in January. And it includes Meri’s shock when she sees the 54-year-old polygamist patriarch with a new wedding ring from fourth wife Robyn Brown. 

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Tells Meri Brown’s Story

But Christine shares that Kody at first wore a wedding ring from Meri. And she notes, “There’s a backstory here. I don’t feel like it’s all the way my place” to tell, Christine admitted. “But here we are.”

And Christine reveals that when Meri and Kody tied the knot in 1990, they exchanged wedding rings. As a result, Kody wore Meri’s wedding ring for years. But when Robyn, 45, joined the plural marriage, farewell ring! 

Because Kody wanted to legally wed Robyn, he legally divorced Meri in 2014. However, despite adopting Robyn’s three kids from a prior marriage, Kody stayed in a spiritual marriage with Meri until their 2023 split.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Hides Money From Meri Brown’s Ring

And Christine reveals that Kody stole Meri’s wedding ring money. “He melted down the ring, saved the gold, saved the diamonds,” recalled Christine. However, Kody hid that money.

And Meri found out only because she directly questioned Kody. “Well, where’s my ring? You don’t wear it anymore,” noted Meri. And then Kody admitted to melting down her wedding ring and keeping the money without telling her. 

However, the Sister Wives patriarch added to Meri’s pain by adding, “I didn’t want Meri to have control over me and power over me anymore.” But it seems that Kody also didn’t want Meri to have the money from that wedding ring.

And Christine shared that in the wake of the melted ring, all of Kody’s wives paid for a new band called a Claddagh ring. That Celtic accessory symbolized love, loyalty and friendship. But Kody took off the ring prior to breaking up with Christine in 2021 and Janelle, 54, in 2022.

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Christine telling what Meri sees as her personal story? And what do you think of Kody not telling he melted down the ring and kept the money until Meri pushes to know? After you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

  1. Wiggy says

    I love Christine she is the only one who have the gut to walk away from this evil man. Meri is just mad because Christine makes her look like a fool because she keeps running behind this man who don’t want her. Kody only keep Meri around for her money. Selling her ring and keeping the money that show the kind of person Kody really is. Meri why are you mad at Christine? you should be thanking her.

  2. Pam says

    The blame on this family lies with Kody! I just rewatched the first couple of episodes & had Kody kept treating those women the way he did back then — treating them all the same, talking sweetly, kissing. You can’t tell me he didn’t love his wives. He treated them so good – even I was ready to sign up! The wives are right — this Kody is not the Kody they married! Another sneaky thing Kody did was conceal the fact that the economy was down where he wanted to move to in Arizona.

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