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Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Believe Kody Is On Steroids And Had A Facelift

Sister Wives Spoilers indicate that fans have certainly been paying attention since Kody Brown began bragging about his pecs and his six-pack abs.

Now Sister Wives fans are convinced that he takes steroids and has done something to change his face. Of course, it certainly didn’t do him any favors considering that not only Meri Brown and Christine Brown left, but so did Janelle who was only with him for his six-pack and his pecs.

Kody Brown’s Face Has Changed

Kody used to have a much fuller face than fans see now and this isn’t the first time fans have discussed the possibility of Kody being on steroids.

Robyn’s husband has mentioned that he has to look good because of Robyn’s celebrity crush which he jokingly referred to as his brother husband. Of course, this is also a practice that Kody declared disgusting before.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Believe Kody Is On Steroids And Had A Facelift

Fans even suggested that Kody looked so angry and acted so irrationally that he reminded them of someone who drinks alcohol and takes steroids.

Fans are also quick to point out that this is not a good combination either. However, Kody has always claimed that drinking alcohol is against his religious side.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Discuss Even More Clues

Fans have discussed that Kody’s face looked more chiseled for his age but they have also mentioned how puffy his face looks as well. Recently another fan mentioned the obvious work on his face and steroid use.

One Redditt fan said, “Kody’s face ☠️. I have a hunch that Kody has had some facial reconstruction done…maybe a face lift, fillers, botox, etc. His face was originally chubby to chiseled to puffy. I’m certain that losing weight or weight training doesn’t change the structure of your face.”

Other Sister Wives fans agree: “He has definitely had a face lift/eye lift. AND lips. Look at his earlier face, you could barely see his eye. classic.”

“I think he’s had Botox and fillers. Not sure about the lip injections. He has trimmed his mustache above his lips, and that always makes lips look bigger.”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Won’t Likely Admit To Work

Regardless of fan speculation, Kody isn’t likely to admit that he had any work done. Of course, on the Talk Back episodes, the only thing he mentioned was that they all have better hair now.

Kody said their hair was terrible when the show first started. Meri Brown mentioned the hair as well claiming that he has better hair now.

However, Kody has been the only one to mention that he has to keep up his pecs and abs. Fans have certainly not been impressed by Kody’s opinion of himself when putting down his former wives.

What do you think? Has Kody had work done? Is he on steroids? Let us know what you think.

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