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Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown Wants Out Of The Wife Drama

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that with all of the drama going on between Kody Brown’s ex-wives, Robyn Brown wants out of it. During the tell-all episodes of the show, Robyn was very vocal about how she just wanted to stay out of it when it comes to the other wives. She feels that Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown should take all of their issues up with Kody and not her.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Rules For the Other Wives

From the very beginning, fans of the show have felt that Kody has given special treatment to Robyn. He did ask Meri to legally divorce him in order to marry Robyn and legally adopt her kids.

He seems to always be there for her no matter what and during the pandemic, things looked pretty obvious. He hired a nanny for her and then gave the other wives special rules to follow. Many fans think that this is the reason the other marriages failed.

Sister Wives

The other wives have spoken out on the tell-all and made bold statements about Kody choosing Robyn. Janelle made the comment, “If I was prioritized, we would’ve figured out how to pay off the land and I would be in a house. Instead of this, ‘Oh, my gosh. We don’t have the budget. I don’t know.’ None of that was ever discussed when it was time for Robyn to find a house.” Of course, Robyn said that this was never brought up when the land came up in conversation.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Leave Robyn Brown Alone

When Robyn heard what Janelle had said about the land, she clapped back with, “That’s them being stupid. I’m not choosing it. They’re making those choices but somehow, I get lumped into it. I’m like, ‘leave me the hell out of it.'”

Robyn has been seen as Kody’s favorite wife for decades by fans and by the other wives. Kody has stood by his words that she was never favored and that her kids needed a lot more help than the others.

Not only does Robyn want to be left out of this, but she has also insisted that the wives are the ones who pushed Kody her way. They didn’t want to spend time with him, so of course, he ran to Robyn for romance and intimacy. Robyn added, “I’m tired of being punished and blamed. And people thinking I’m a bad person because I am just communicating. I’m tired of being punished for it. I’m tired of it being someone a bad thing because it’s not.”

We will continue to keep an eye on Robyn and Kody to see what is next for them.

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