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Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Looks Different Amid Kody Brown Reunion Rumors

Sister Wives spoilers tease that Meri Brown may have reunited with her supposedly former husband, Kody Brown. And amid those clues, fans felt shocked to notice Meri looked noticeably different. But some Sister Wives followers think that they know the reason.

Find out about Meri’s rumored reunion with Kody. And learn what Sister Wives fans suspect about the reason for her different appearance. Get all the details below.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Looks Different

Meri Brown looks noticeably different in a new video. The Sister Wives star shared the clip on her Instagram. And fans immediately commented on Meri’s new look. But some think that the change comes from face fillers, reported the Sun.

Meri Brown

The Sister Wives star showed up with her new look in a clip about Meri’s life. But fans seemed more interested in figuring how the 52-year-old reality TV star changed her appearance. And those fans didn’t hold back in analyzing Meri’s face.

For instance, one wrote, “Meri looks really different.” And another opined, “I think there’s too much filler in your face Meri.” But overall, the followers agreed that the Sister Wives star looks “better and happier,” as one shared.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Friendship Or Reunion?

However, fans couldn’t find enough clues to end the newest Sister Wives controversy. And that involves whether Meri and Kody reunited for romance or for friendship. For instance, one fan shared the hope that Kody and Meri do not reunite in a renewed quest for romance. “But a genuine friendship would be wonderful,” added the Sister Wives fans.

And some insiders hinted that Meri feels willing to give Kody another chance. As a result of those sources, fans felt confused. And it got even more baffling when Meri remained in Flagstaff, Arizona, after splitting from Kody. However, the majority of fans seem to feel that the two should not reunite. 

For example, one Sister Wives follower wrote, “I never considered that they would have any type of relationship after their official breakup.” And another pointed out, “Kody treated her horribly. And she hung on so much longer than she should have. I’m also not a fan of either one. But thinking about the real people, setting the show aside, they have been in each other’s lives since they were essentially kids. For their entire adult lives.”

Meri and Kody stayed together for 32 years before she split from the Sister Wives patriarch in December 2022. But her decision to live near Kody and his remaining wife Robyn has sparked questions about Meri’s goals for her future. And some fans have begged her to move on and move away. The Sister Wives star reportedly rents a home just eight miles from Kody and Robyn. 

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about the rumors that Sister Wives exes Meri and Kody Brown reunited? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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