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Sister Wives Star Robyn Talks Brother Husbands – Fans Get Distracted

Sister WivesSister Wives fans are sorry-not-sorry towards Robyn Brown this week. After all, they saw some really nasty behavior from her when it came to Christine. She and Kody attacked Christine because she was leaving the family for Utah. And each word that comes out of Robyn’s mouth, fans take as confirmation that she always wanted to be the only wife.

Sister Wives Fans – Robyn Brown Talks Brother Husbands

In season 17, it was Kody who first raised the subject of brother husbands. That came when he seemed shattered because Christine actually dared to leave him. In fact, he was talking about her remaining in Flagstaff and finding another husband. Then, he suggested that the new husband could become his brother husband. As if he doesn’t have enough complications already. At the same time, he said that he couldn’t care less if Meri left. 

Sister Wives fans already don’t like Robyn. Actually, it’s not just a recent thing. For years now, they believed that she is a manipulator behind the scenes. Often, TLC fans complain that she sets up the scene and Kody acts out on it. Additionally, she doesn’t like animals – which is a huge no-no for fans. However, in season 17, a lot of people believe that Robyn Brown is every bit as toxic as they previously suspected. So, they happily trolled her when she talked about a brother husband for Kody. 

Sister Wives – Fans Are Distracted By Robyn

For once, Kody looked reasonably happy when he talked about getting a brother husband, As far he’s concerned, they would probably be besties and end up playing “video games” together. Furthermore, he thought that they would enjoy each other’s company to the point where his wives would complain that no work would get done. 

Sister Wives fans saw that Robyn had something to say about brother husbands, but they became completely distracted by her eyebrows. This comment arrived: “Can we start with Robyn eyebrows 😮I can’t hear anything that she’s saying 😂😂.”

Sister Wives Star Robyn Talks Brother Husbands Fans Get Distracted
TLC / Instagram

One of them wrote, “I know this is mean but those eyebrows are 😬😬😬😬.” Then another follower noted, “Who thought it was a good idea to zoom into those eyebrows 😂?”

Sister Wives – Trolling Comes With A Bit Of Bad Feeling

Sister Wives fans know that it’s not nice to mock someone for their looks. However, they carried on anyway. Certainly,  there seems to be an atmosphere of sorry-not-sorry on Instagram. One critic almost felt sorry for Robyn. They wrote, “Would someone with some experience in the makeup world PLEASE help Robyn with her eye brows? For the love of God.”  

Naturally, that sparked many more comments and yes, her message about brother husbands seemed to be totally lost on TLC fans. 

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