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Sister Wives’ Christine And Janelle Brown Feuding?

Sister Wives' Christine And Janelle Brown Feuding?Sister Wives cast members Christine Brown and Janelle Brown haven’t been spotted together in a while and rumor has it the two besties may have had a falling out.

Christine and Janelle bonded over their Kody splits, the dynamic duo stuck together and supported each other through thick and thin.  Why did they stop hanging out?  Keep reading for all the details!

Janelle And Christine’s Showmance Over?

Kody Brown’s ex-wives were attached at the hip after they divorced their husband.  Janelle and Christine had each other’s backs when they had to negotiate their divorces with Kody and Robyn. 

Then they enjoyed being newly single together, and Janelle helped Christine plan her wedding to David Woolley. 

At one point, Janelle and Christine only did joint interviews and explained it was “just easier because they were always together.”

Last month Sister Wives fans were shocked by the devastating news of Garrison Brown’s suicide.  The Brown Family managed to briefly unite to honor Garrison, and put their differences aside for a few days. 

Garrison’s death was heartbreaking, but the fact that he blamed his father and family’s TV show in a suicide note only made it harder to cope with.  The Brown’s haven’t been in the spotlight much since his passing.

Garrison Brown’s Death

You would think after how close they became and how close their kids are, Christine would be at Janelle’s side 24/7 helping her cope with her son’ tragic death. 

Instead, Janelle seems to be spending most of her time on the other side of the country with her daughter.  The women also haven’t been interacting on social media with each other, they used to go live together, and share and comment on each other’s posts.

IF you have a big family, then you know feuds always erupt over funerals.  Someone always is unhappy with the arrangements, or feels slighted over something memorial-related. 

It’s possible Christine and Janelle could have feuded over any number of things when tensions were high.  Maybe Janelle felt Christine wasn’t being supportive, or vice versa.

There’s a Sister Wives rumor going around that some members of the Brown Family blamed Kody for Garrison’s death, and others defended the patriarch. 

Maybe Christine and Janelle were on opposite sides of that disagreement?  What do you think caused the Sister Wives feud? 

Are Christine and Janelle’s bestie days over?  Let us know in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Brown Family news and updates.

  1. Susan says

    Janelle lost a child. Anyone I have known that had a child die say that the pain is terrible. She is probably trying to spend more time with her kids.

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  3. Trish says

    Let’s look at this logically – geographical distance is first and foremost in many relationships. My youngest son lives six hours away. My best friend lives 10 hours away. People have lives and geographical distance is a major reason people cannot be together as much as they’d like to be.

    Both women have their own children and I’m guessing those children are a high priority (especially after the loss of Garrison).

    Janelle and her family are grieving. They may want some space.

    Lastly, Christine has a husband now! Don’t you remember when your friends had a new significant other? That person becomes a focal point in their lives.

    Must people always perceive that something is wrong when we don’t know the whole story? The two og’s may be FaceTiming every day. And if they are spending more time apart – so what? Live and let live.

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  5. Patricia says

    This is sad, but maybe Christine hasn’t been there as much for Janelle as she use to. I know she got married so I’m sure she’s more into her husband than Janelle, maybe she didn’t truly support her when her son died. I hope Janelle can move on, maybe Christine was just using her to get support for her decisions.

  6. globee says

    I didn’t bother to read the entire article, just a couple of lines. I never expected the relationship to last. That old saying, “misery loves company”‘ is certainly true. I believe that Janelle has, and will always love Kody, but Christine needed someone to be in accord with her, and to feel about Kody the same as she felt. Since Janelle realized that she and Kody would never be as she hoped, she decided to be Christine’s sidekick, Christine was using her. They are all a bunch of silly women, agreeing to sleep with a man they shared with THREE other women, why did they not know that eventually he would prefer one over the others. They made a choice about their lifestyle, and that’s on them, but it seem to backfire on them.

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