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Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Accuses Janelle And Christine Of Colluding

The Sunday, September 3, episode of “Sister Wives” featured Kody Brown with his now ex-wife Meri Brown, and his only remaining wife Robyn Brown having a discussion about this year’s Christmas.

Somewhere in the conversation, Kody told Meri and Robyn Brown that Janelle would not be spending Christmas with them because she rented a short-term rental with Christine.

Obviously, Kody was still pissed about the argument he had with Janelle on why their family is apart. Janelle Brown and her ex-husband Kody Brown had a brawl about who was right and who was wrong when it came to their children.

Kody blamed Janelle for being the reason for his strained relationship with his sons especially Garrison, 24, and Gabe, 21.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Accuses Janelle And Christine Of 'Colluding,' But A Surprise 'Devil's Advocate' Came To Their Defense

Kody went on to tell Meri and Robyn, “I think they’re trying to shut me out because they’re mad at me.” In the hope that the two women would buy the narrative he’s selling to them, the dad of 18 said he “Reached out to basically everybody,” by everybody that includes Janelle’s children. He went on to accuse Janelle of “Making up stories in their mind because they’re not talking to me.”

Sister Wives — The Unexpected Defender

During Kody and Janelle’s argument, Janelle who is absolutely sure that Kody’s issues with the boys happened through no fault of hers flared up and called Kody out for “Always flipping it back on me.” Kody fired back with, “That because it belongs on you, Janelle,” and backed it up by asking, “Why does it belong on me?”

Speaking with Meri and Robyn, Kody said, “Everybody’s got some story about how dad’s a bad guy, but we’re just having two groups at Christmas,” he said. “Listen, I was threatening to do this last Christmas.”

“What I gather from the things Janelle was throwing at me is that everybody is sort of making up a story about me and they’re talking to each other but they’re not talking to me about it,” he continued. “And now, they’re all mad at me.” He also added, “She’s colluding with them.”

But then, in the clip, something unexpected happened. One of the two women defended Janelle and Christine.

Of course, it’s well known that both women are not BFFs with Christine and Janelle however, One of them went out of her way to defend them.

To put your mind at ease, it wasn’t Robyn. It was Meri. Meri shared in her confessional, “Kody feels pretty angry and whenever you’re angry, you’re not gonna see any other perspective. You’ve got blinders on,”

“But playing Devil’s advocate, maybe Janelle’s not colluding. I mean, when you use a word collude and when Kody uses it, like, it means everybody is batting up against him. And maybe she’s not doing that.”

Meanwhile, Kody is insisting that “Christine and Janelle are doing everything they can to make it so that I’m not the head of the family, which is fine.”

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