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“The Golden Bachelor”: Gerry Turner’s Recent Behavior Teases He Wants Romantic Reunion With Theresa Nist

Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, officially settled his divorce from Theresa Nist recently; however, it looks like he may have had a change of heart. The two met on The Bachelor spin-off first season and seemed to connect, instantly. Nist competed to win Gerry’s heart among 22 other amazing single women and did just that when he gave her the final rose and proposed to her during the last episode.

The couple were married on national television some weeks after the Golden Bachelor, Season 1 finale; however, by the time April of this year hit, a mere three months after their “golden” wedding, Theresa and Gerry announced their split. Since, it looks like Gerry wants Theresa back, through some recent actions.

“The Golden Bachelor” – Is Gerry Turner Trying To Make Theresa Nist, Jealous?

Gerry was recently interviewed by TMZ and made comments about his love life that seemingly were aimed to make Theresa jealous. He notes that since his divorce, women have been sending messages to his DMs, and even handing their phone numbers in person.

“The Golden Bachelor”: Gerry Turner’s Recent Behavior Teases He Wants Romantic Reunion With Theresa Nist

Still, he’s also been quick to point out that while he’ll accept numbers and messages, he hasn’t contacted any of these ladies.

In addition, as per the IndyStar, an Indiana local newspaper, Gerry was at a dating event, some weeks after announcing his divorce to Theresa. This past May, the TinCaps Love and Roses Night Event occurred in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Singles competed in many challenges, hoping to meet other singles and win a dating package. It was hard to tell if Gerry was hosting or participating in the event.

“The Golden Bachelor” – The Digs Against Theresa Nist Continue

Last month, Gerry hosted a fundraiser, and posted several photos from the day’s event, on his Instagram. The caption on his post read, “Great friends coming together for fun an

d fundraising.”

In one of the photos, Gerry is wearing a graphic T-shirt, with the words, “Indiana. It’s Not That Bad.” Of course, he’s in between two women, while wearing the shirt. This was obviously a dig at Theresa, who didn’t want to move to Indiana.

As the story goes, Theresa lived in New Jersey, close to her kids and grandkids, and didn’t want to move to Indiana with Gerry. After the wedding, Nist was reluctant to leave New Jersey, and Gerry didn’t want to leave his family in Indiana, either.

Still, while Gerry is attending and hosting dating events, plus making comments about women messaging him, Theresa has been quiet about her love life.

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