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The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Gerry Turner Gets More Hate, but Claps Back On Social Media

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal that once again, Gerry Turner is getting hate on social media ever since he chose the woman that he is going to marry, Theresa Gist.

There have been women coming out about Gerry and he has been standing up for himself online. Gerry continues to shut down rude and hateful comments from fans of The Golden Bachelor and just when he thought he was done, he tackles even more haters. Let’s find out what Gerry’s followers are saying about him and how he clapped back at these haters.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Gerry Turner Claps Back

Theresa and Gerry are going to get married in just a week and they are trying to live their engaged life together filled with happiness. However, hate-filled rumors and posts have been clouding their lives these days.

Gerry shared that he was playing pickleball with Theresa and some other contestants from the Golden Bachelor. In the photo, fans saw Susan Noles, Faith Martin, and Joan Vassos. There were a lot of fans who felt that it was extremely strange though.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Gerry Turner Gets More Hate, but Claps Back On Social Media

When his fans saw this post, they asked why he would want to hang out with the women that he voted off of the show.

He told his fans, “Why not? We are friends!” Gerry has kept in touch with some of the women from The Golden Bachelor and it is clear that they are cordial and enjoy hanging out together.

The Golden Bachelor  Spoilers – Why The Drama?

After seeing Gerry and Theresa with these other women, there were plenty of fans who were trying to stir the pot and cause drama with them all.

Some fans even pointed out that they thought the couple was having issues and that was why he wanted to hang out with these other women again.

One fan pointed out that Gerry and Theresa live in different states and that they have family everywhere. They mentioned that they were probably just traveling to see everyone they loved.

Gerry and Theresa both agreed with this fan and thanked them for chiming in with this thought instead of trying to stir up drama.

They have been traveling non-stop to see family members and it was nice to be in the same place with others from the show. Gerry and Theresa are excited about getting married next week and fans are happy that it will be televised on ABC.

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