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The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Theresa Nist’s Daughter Slams Accusations About Her

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal that Theresa Nist’s daughter slammed accusations about her. Theresa got backlash for her relationship with the lead Gerry Turner.

Some fans think she’s too “needy” and “desperate.” Other fans argued that she’s “manipulative” and “jealous” when it comes to the other ladies. Her daughter Jen Woolston put a stop to the online hate. Read on to learn more.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Gerry Turner’s Final Two

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal Gerry Turner’s final two. He chose Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima, which was a shock to Bachelor Nation.

Most fans didn’t expect Theresa to make it this far. But it’s clear that Gerry and Theresa had a connection from the start. The rumors are also swirling that Theresa could be his final pick.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Theresa Nist's Daughter Slams Accusations About Her

There are numerous spoilers that tease what could happen during the season finale on Thursday, November 30. Fans are split on which woman Gerry chooses.

The explosive finale will reveal anything. According to the preview, Gerry makes another difficult decision. He breaks down crying as he thinks about his final choice.

The Golden Bachelor spoilers suggest that Gerry doesn’t know what to do. He’s never had to make a decision like this ever in his life.

He grew up with his high school sweetheart, whom he thought he was going to be with forever. Gerry never assumed that he would end up finding love for a second time.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Theresa Nist Gets Support From Her Daughter

Theresa Nist has gotten a lot of hate online. Most fans took to social media to pick apart her personality and clothing. According to the Golden Bachelor spoilers, Theresa got support from one big fan: her daughter.

Jen Woolston admitted that she read the comments and fed into the negativity. She put a stop to the backlash against her mom in a long Instagram post.

“My mom has been in my corner from day one. She made me feel like I was smart, I was kind, I was thoughtful, and I could do anything I put my mind to,” she wrote.

Jen referred to Theresa Nist as her “best friend” and “biggest fan.” She thought she would repay the favor. She admitted that she “didn’t think about how many people would be analyzing every move and on their phones and computers writing negative things about her.”

She concluded her post by adding: “She is enthusiasm, energy, fun, encouraging, silly, loving, thoughtful, optimistic and so much more. She is NOT manipulative, needy, jealous, blah blah blah. I am [her] biggest fan and will be forever and always.”

The Golden Bachelor spoilers showed a new side to Theresa Nista. She revealed to Gerry that she is a successful girl boss and day trader. This also came as a surprise to Bachelor Nation, who weren’t aware of this side of her.

This could be due to poor editing. What are your thoughts on Jen’s post about her mom? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Teresa says

    He is making a mistake choice if Theresa not good choice

  2. SallyLaDoux says

    I’ve watched almost all the bachelor shows and am so sick of the young, immature, self centered females (can’t even call them all women because some haven’t reached maturity enough to be called that). The Golden Bachelor is so refreshing and shows much more hope in the lives of older people (men and women) having a load of life’s experiences. People who start criticizing the process need to just sit back and watch and keep their mouths shut and opinions to themselves. They’re not in anyone’s place on the Golden Bachelor-maybe they should apply-and only know enough to be dangerous. Maybe someone should criticize them the way they’re criticizing Teresa, Gerry or Leslie. Oh, guess they might not like that? Then because they don’t know what they don’t know-just keep opinions to themselves.

  3. Carol A says

    The Golden Bachelor has been a refreshing change to the Bachelor/ Bachelorette shows! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this season and hope it continues to be a feature in the future. People should stop judging anyone on a tv show like the Bachelorette/bachelor because these people are not actor/actresses. They don’t have access to a wardrobe of clothes. They have to bring their own clothes and do their own hair and makeup.

  4. Naj says

    He gives me the creeps,sorry.

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