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The Golden Bachelorette Spoilers: Why are Fans So Upset About The Leading Lady?

The Golden Bachelorette Spoilers: Why are Fans So Upset About The Leading Lady?The Golden Bachelorette spoilers reveal that there are a lot of fans who are very upset about the casting of the new Bachelor Nation spin-off.

With the success of The Golden Bachelor, creators knew that it was time to take it to the next level with The Golden Bachelorette.

Producers chose Joan Vassos to be the new Golden Bachelorette. However, fans are upset about this choice. Let’s find out more.

Why Fans Are Angry

Bachelor Nation fans are generally quick to judge the new cast members and now it looks like Joan is under fire.

When ABC announced casting Joan, fans immediately took to social media to share their feelings about this choice.

The announcement for the show was made in February and of course, fans had their favorite women that they would have chosen. Joan wasn’t one of the main choices though.

After the news of Gerry Turner’s divorce hit social media, fans of The Golden Bachelor were concerned that this spin-off wasn’t going to happen at all.

When ABC announced the show was happening, fans were pretty excited to see who they would pick. When Joan’s name came up, that is when fans were suddenly upset by it.

Joan’s Disappearance

Strangely enough, Joan wasn’t that memorable of a cast member on The Golden Bachelor. Joan left the show suddenly after she heard about a family emergency. She did come back to tell her side of the story on Women Tell All.

She felt that she needed to explain what happened and why she decided to leave suddenly. Even though some fans liked Joan, there are plenty who opened up about how they felt about her on Reddit.

Some Redditors pointed out that they like Joan, but they feel as if her storyline is going to be ‘boring.’

These Redditors feel as if Joan’s personality isn’t exciting like Edith, Sandra, or Ellen. They felt that these three women were ‘captivating’ to watch and they would much rather see them on the show.

Leslie Fhima’s name has also come up with fans because she was the runner-up on The Golden Bachelor.

If these shows continue, it does seem as if there will be plenty of women to choose from for the next Golden Bachelorette.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with The Golden Bachelorette right now. Come back here often for The Golden Bachelorette spoilers, news, and updates.

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