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The Masked Singer Host Nick Cannon Buys Abby & The Twins A Home

Nick CannnonThe Masked Singer host, Nick Cannon is popular on the show but not so popular for his many women and kids. But, you can’t fault him for being a good dad as Abby De La Rosa can testify. The mom-to-be and mom of their twins, Zion and Zillion gave him a  shoutout this week after he bought them a new house. 

The Masked Singer – Host Nick Cannon Earns Good Money

At the moment, rumors and gossip point to a possible hookup between Kim Kardashian and the famous host. However, a debate rages around whether he could find the time to date Kim. After all, he already has many kids and multiple women in his life. Of course, there’s his ex-wife Mariah Carey, the mother of twins, Monroe and Moroccan. Then, there’s model Bre Tiesi with his eighth child. 

The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon also had babies with Brittany Bell and she’s expected to have another baby. Meanwhile, Abby de la Rosa expects a third child. Soon, the very busy host and TV presenter will have ten kids. If you don’t know, his days are taken up with being a great dad. But, he’s also running his own shows as well as appearing on the famous masked talent show. He earns good money, but he probably has to at the rate he breeds babies.

The Masked Singer – Host Buys Abby De La Rosa A House

On September 2, Abby De La Rosa took to her Instagram and gave fans a brief glimpse of the interior of a house. It showed the twins, Zion and Zillion running around. In her caption, she said, “Here’s to beautiful new beginnings. I’m so grateful – Thank you Dad – Zion & Zillion 🙏🏽🤍🥹.” Then, she credited her mom for helping to seal the deal. 

The Masked Singer Host Nick Cannon Buys Abby And The Twins A New Home
Abby De La Rosa / Instagram

Nick Cannon replied in the comments, saying, “You are more than welcome!! It’s the least I can do, Thank you for the unconditional love and the most precious gifts any human can ask for!! BEAUTIFUL New Beginnings!❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾.” While some folks liked that The Masked Singer host takes such good care of all his families, others groused about it. 

The Masked Singer – Grumpy Fans?

Most people congratulated Abby and Nick. But some folks are not so sure that he’s thinking in the long-term. One of them groused about The Masked Singer host. They said to Nick Cannon, “Nick is very rich for now….but he how long will he be able to maintain this lifestyle for these kids?” So, they wondered, “What if he gets sick….who takes care of all of these different households and mortgages? This lifestyle is irresponsible.”

Well, nobody knows what provisions Nick made for his various women and offspring. But we’re willing to bet that he has done something to safeguard their futures if anything happens to him. 

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