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Vanderpump Rules: Ariana Madix Drops New Tom Sandoval Bombshell!

Vanderpump Rules spoilers reveal Ariana Madix dropping a shocking new bombshells. And it relates to how her cheating ex boyfriend Tom Sandoval sunk to “new lows.” 

However, Ariana also describes exactly how Sandoval managed to hide his secret affair with Raquel Leviss for months. Keep reading to find out what Ariana called Tom’s “dirty as hell” bombshell. 

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Ariana Madix Shocks!

Ariana Madix recently survived the toughest Vanderpump Rules season yet. And although she still feels the pain of Tom Sandoval cheating on her, Madix feels ready to spill the tea. As a result, she dropped several huge new bombshells via Reality Blurb.


Ever since news broke that Sandoval secretly cheated on Ariana for months with Raquel Leviss, fans have wondered how Tom hid the affair.

Vanderpump Rules: Ariana Madix Drops New Tom Sandoval Bombshell!

Because Sandoval’s relationship with Madix lasted for nine years and Raquel took on the role of Ariana’s best friend, many viewers felt baffled that the cheaters could hide their secret dalliance. 

However, in her new book Single AF Cocktails: Drinks For Bad B*tches, Madix shares Sandoval’s dirty little secrets. And it turns out that he shockingly used the name of Ariana’s late father as a code to hide his affair with Raquel.

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Tom Sandoval’s Double Lives

And despite the name of the book, Ariana actually uses it to describe how Sandoval and Leviss hid their secret affair. But Madix doesn’t hold back in sharing how Tom lived two lives, one as Ariana’s boyfriend and one as Raquel’s lover, for months. 

However, the Vanderpump Rules star also shared her gratitude for her new boyfriend, Daniel Wai. But Ariana shared that all the publicity over Sandoval cheating on her made her feel that she lost “ownership over my own story.”

As a result, Ariana wants to take back her story. And she pointed out, “It’s mine, and I’m living it.” However, Madix uses her book’s description of the Jamie: A Dirty as Hell Martini to describe what Sandoval did.

Vanderpump Rules Spoilers – Ariana Madix In ‘Muck’

And the Vanderpump Rules star described the drink as tasting “dirty as it gets, perfect for when you’re feeling the briny muck of your breakup.” But she then revealed the “new lows” to which Sandoval sunk. And he did so to hide his months-long affair with Raquel from both her and the rest of the cast. 

“Throughout the affair, he did a lot of sh*t to me that was dirty as hell,” Ariana revealed. “But some things really felt like new lows. He had told me time and time again that he wasn’t trying to hide anything from me whenever I would ask about little things here and there.”

“But it turns out he was taking many steps to cover the whole thing up. He was so committed to this double life that he used ‘Jamie’ as a code name for her in his phone. The worst part is that my dad’s name was James, may he rest in peace,” added Madix. 

Vanderpump Rules – Ariana Madix Feels Disrespected

And Ariana slammed Sandoval for texting a friend that he “took Jamie to the mile high club.” But Tom using her father’s name as a code for Raquel meant “a level of disrespect I didn’t realize was possible,” she added. However, now Ariana feels that she has matured from the experience. 

“There’s a lot of people who, for nine years, thought that I couldn’t do anything on my own,” noted Ariana. “And so I love proving those people wrong. I think [Sandoval] was one of them.” And Madix dedicated one of her cocktails to her new boyfriend Daniel. “[Daniel’s willingness to] know the real me gave me the biggest feeling of hope for my future,” she revealed.

Tell us what you think. How do you react to learning Tom Sandoval used the name of Ariana Madix’s late father as a code for cheating on her with Raquel Leviss? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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