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Will Todd & Julie Chrisley Attend Appeal Hearing?

There are questions about Todd and Julie Chrisley’s upcoming appeal hearing scheduled for Friday, April 19. Will they make an attendance? Will the event be livestreamed or televised? Keep on reading to learn more.

Todd & Julie Chrisley’s  -Appealing Hearing

The Chrisley Knows Best alum feels hopeful about the upcoming hearing. According to recent reports, the couple believes they will get a shorter prison sentence. Todd received warm thoughts and prayers from his fellow inmates, including those in other prisons.

Their daughter Savannah Chrisley has been advocating on their behalf. She has a good feeling about this hearing.

Will Todd & Julie Chrisley Attend Appeal Hearing?

The reality star thinks they will leave prison as soon as the summertime. New details are revealed about the upcoming appeal hearing, which is open to the public.

However, no cell phones are allowed inside the courtroom. One fan posted a screenshot of the upcoming event on Reddit. Chrisley Knows Best fans are encouraged to attend.

They can support the famous family by protesting outside the courthouse. Savannah told fans to show up and share their support in a social media post.

Todd & Julie Chrisley – Where To Watch

Some fans wondered if they could watch the hearing. CourtTV would be a great outlet to invite the media circus. However, it was revealed that Court TV won’t air the event.

Instead, it will be a live-streamed event. Fans can watch the appeal hearing unfold on the court’s official website. They could also delay the broadcast for any reason whatsoever.

Will Todd & Julie Chrisley Attend?

Chrisley Knows Best fans are curious whether Todd and Julie Chrisley will attend. The television personalities won’t be in court that day. They will be in jail at their respective prisons in Kentucky and Florida.

Other fans have their doubts about this hearing. It could quickly become a circus since random strangers might watch the appeal hearing inside the courtroom.

Some of them could expect to get a glimpse of how Todd and Julie look now without their platinum blonde hair and cosmetic surgery procedures.

“Yeah, let’s fill up the courtroom with total strangers. That will help. This isn’t a baseball game or event. They will not overturn anything and remain in prison or finish their sentences like the criminals they are. Shouldn’t receive special treatment,” one fan argued.

“Absolutely. They’re not going anywhere, filthy, cheating losers,” another responded.

What are your thoughts on Todd and Julie Chrisley not attending the appeal hearing? Will you watch the live stream? What do you think will happen? Sound off below in the comment section.

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