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4 Times King Charles & Camilla Embarrassed Themselves Royally

4 Times King Charles & Camilla Embarrassed Themselves RoyallyBritish royal family news divulges that King Charles and Queen Camilla are the picture of wedded bliss and commitment. But it hasn’t always been a fairytale between these two once upon a time star-crossed lovers.

Before they married in 2005, there was a lot of water flowing under their own personal London Bridge. This includes marriages to other people, and a scandalous outing of their affair. Here’s what to know about Charles and Camilla’s long road to respectability.

Royal News – Charles And Camilla Had A Rocky Road

Charles and Camilla began their dalliance by dating in the 1970s. Later, Camilla was excoriated for interfering in his marriage to the late, beloved Diana Spencer.

Charles and Camilla have come a long way in the court of public opinion. Royal pundit Michael Cole told Sky News: “They hold each other up. They’re very devoted to one another.” But before they became the devoted and accepted couple that they are today, the public had a problem with them for a variety reasons.

Royal Family News – The Public Didn’t Like Charles And Camilla

King Charles and Camilla turned the public off when they had their first public kiss in 2001. It happened at a charity event at the London Somerset House, with some thinking that the PDA was very inappropriate.

Royals are allowed to display PDA but royal expert Myka Meier told People “Senior members of the royal family would … be trusted to use their better judgment as to when it’s appropriate.”

Charles And Camilla – Married In 2005 And Not Everyone Was Happy

When King Charles and Camilla married in 2005 many citizens expressed their displeasure. Some thought that Camilla should not be queen with one person telling the Press Association: “He could do better. I do not think it should go ahead, definitely not. How could she possibly be queen?”

King Charles – Called Out For Ignoring Camilla

By the time Charles was crowned king, the tide of public sentiment seemed to be in Camilla’s favor.

In December 2022 Charles had a mini tantrum in public, apparently upset that Camilla was still talking to people after meeting heartthrob Ryan Reynolds at Wrexham AFC.

Body language expert Judi James told Express that Charles proved he had a short fuse “taking it out on his wife” and stated that “the king should have been kinder and more loving toward Camilla.”

Royal Family News – Charles And Camilla’s Cringe Phone Call

Last, but certainly not least, King Charles and Camilla drew the public’s ire when a private phone conversation was leaked. The conversation took place in 1989 and the tabloids ran with it in 1993. There is no delicate way to say this, the leaked convo is known as “Tampongate.”

Let’s just say that Charles was recorded telling Camilla he wanted to be be reincarnated as her tampon.

Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe wrote in “Guarding Diana” that “The backlash was savage. Establishment figures normally loyal to future King and country were appalled, and some questioned the Prince’s suitability to rule.”

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