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British Royal News: Prince Harry Was Always Treated As ‘The Spare’

British Royal News says that it seems like Prince Harry was always treated as ‘the spare’ in the royal family. Soon after the Duke of Sussex suggested that his brother Prince William had been getting more protection from the royal family against the press.

An old clip has resurfaced alleging that the press had long ago ran away with the notion that Harry was the ‘naughty prince’ while his brother William was always the ‘good prince.’ Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News – Prince Harry Was Always Treated As ‘The Spare’

Royal experts have long made it pretty clear that William was always protected by the monarchy much more than his brother, Harry. Royal biographer Penny Juror says that the press had manipulated a narrative that made it look like Harry was the wild child of the royal family that was out of control during his early twenties.

Former royal bodyguard Ken Wharfe seemed to second that sentiment by claiming that both Harry and William were out at nightclubs and partying at that time, but it was just Harry’s photos that made it to the newspapers the next morning.

British Royal News: Prince Harry Was Always Treated As ‘The Spare’

Meanwhile, there’s new speculation that Prince William may never speak to his brother again because of all the damaging allegations that have been made in Netflix’s docuseries Harry and Meghan. Even though the Prince of Wales refuses to watch the docuseries himself, he knows about enough of the claims made that he may never utter another word to his little brother ever again.

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Royal author Christopher Anderson told Us Weekly, “I mean, he tries to hide it, but it doesn’t work. I’m sure he is very, very angry at his brother and cannot understand what he’s doing. William and Kate [are] all about preserving the monarchy and duty and all of that. And the release of these trailers, at the moment … [the Cambridges] were trying to fly the [British] flag as it were in the U.S. — and to have them eclipsed and overshadowed by that.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter even though Netflix alleges that they reached out to the palace for comment. Volume 2 of Harry and Meghan drops on Netflix on December 15th.

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