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Buckingham Palace Could Fight Back “Potentially Damaging Allegations” In the Sussexes’ Netflix Docuseries

Even though it’s 2022, the Sussexes still appear to be stuck repeating the claims they made on Oprah in 2020, even though they claimed they would move on afterwards.

According to critics, capitalizing on their time with the royal family appears to be the only way they can drive their brand forward and support their luxury lifestyle.

But fans are actually doubting whether Netflix paid the amount of money they reportedly did for this six-part docuseries, especially as most of the footage they released were either from sources unrelated to the Royal Family or those of Princess Diana and Princess Catherine.

Prince Harry – Says No One Knows the Full Truth, In Latest Teaser

The first trailer for Netflix’s “Harry and Meghan” aired last week on the eve of Prince William and Princess Catherine’s Earthshot Prize ceremony in Boston. Needless to say, it received a lot of bashing from people and the dislike button was used over ten times more than the like button. In fact, it got so often used that people started noticing that Netflix has hidden the dislike count.

Buckingham Palace Could Fight Back “Potentially Damaging Allegations” In the Sussexes' Netflix Docuseries

The latest teaser, which dropped on Monday, Dec. 5, fared slightly better in the like/dislike ratio, even though the dislike percentage at the time of this writing is 83%. The teaser also revealed that the docuseries is divided into two parts: vol. 1 and 2.

At this point, we almost feel Meghan’s pain when she said “why do I even bother?”. Almost.

It turns out that not many people are in support of the couple repeating their stories of being hounded by the press, three years after leaving said institution. And I remember we were promised an Invictus documentary – “Heart of Invictus” if I remember correctly – only to be given this “victim” patched up narrative.

We already know that Harry left the Royal Family because he “didn’t want history to repeat itself”. We know because he told Oprah in 2020. Well, he’s upgrading his blame story to a whole new level, hinting that members of the Royal Family were involved in the “dirty game”.

It’s funny, because I remember Harry gushing about how welcoming and loving his family was to Meghan, to the extent he himself was surprised. So, what changed? His memory or his ability to lie?

This time, according to Harry, “no one knows the full truth, we know the full truth”.

I guess the bombshell tell-all didn’t allow them to tell their story to the fullest. And is this docuseries about their love story or about the “hierarchy” in the Royal Family?

Palace Aides Reportedly On Stand-by To Fight Prince Harry’s AllegationsIt seems that Prince Harry takes five shots at his family for every time he preaches about love, compassion and understanding.

Already, the teasers released show that a few shots will probably be fired at the brother he loves “to bits” and at the “sister” he never had.

Apparently, that’s enough to put Prince William and Catherine on high alert. Sources are still not sure how King Charles is planning to react to the “truth bombs” Harry and his wife are preparing to drop via their docuseries.

So, do you think the royals will be forced to drop their “never complain, never explain” policy? Well, if the docuseries doesn’t push them over the edge, there’s good reason to believe the memoir will.

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