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Conspiracy Theories Engulf Royal Family, Are Princess Kate And King Charles’ Still With Us?

British royal family news reveals that the public is panicking over the complete silence about King Charles and Princess Kate’s medical conditions.

And this has led to widespread speculation, even conspiracy theories. Let’s break down the dish swirling out of control right now.

The rumor mill went into overdrive this week after Prince William cancelled a royal engagement at the last minute, no explanation given.

It was also a personal event for the prince, a memorial service for his late godfather, former King Constantine II of Greece, so missing this event generated tons of gossip.

Conspiracy Theories Engulf Royal Family, Are Princess Kate And King Charles’ Still With Us?

Royal Family News – Royal Conspiracy Theories

The New Year began with King Charles and Catherine, Princess of Wales in the hospital. Later Charles got a second diagnosis, cancer. Kate hasn’t been seen since Christmas Day, so understandably the public is worried.

Like it or not, in the absence of official information, fans and pundits alike linked William’s no-show to the possibility that Kate is not doing well.

Royal Family News – William’s Absence Concerning

Time magazine noted that it would have been easy for William to attend the event at Windsor Castle “as he only lives a roughly five-minute drive away at Adelaide Cottage and as his three children were at school when the event was taking place.”

Instead, disgraced Prince Andrew led the royal family into the church. The media picked up on his grinning face, gregarious body language, and the lack of enthusiasm from the royals who trailed behind him.

Maybe this was the reason William skipped out, the specter of Andrew thrusting himself back into the limelight?

Royal Family News – Prince Andrew’s Appearance

A royal source told CNN that Kate “continues to be doing well” in her recovery and the palace was forthright in saying that the Princess of Wales would not return to active duty until springtime.

The rabid chatter about Kate forced Kensington Palace on Thursday to issue a statement reminding a lit social media that the palace “made it clear in January the timelines of the Princess’ recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates. That guidance stands.”

But without an explanation as to William’s last-minute cancellation, conspiracy theorists have taken charge of the narrative: is Kate unwell, perhaps even not on this earth any longer?

Right or wrong, this is what social media is wondering—tell us royal fans what do you think of this whole non-transparent situation?

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