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Expert Claims King Charles Wants To Step Down For the Sake Of The Monarchy

Okay, things just got interesting. Let’s ignore the fact that Harry is insisting he wants to come back and help the family navigate these uncertain times until King Charles gets better, or the news that William is resolutely against him returning. A source just revealed that Charles is quietly contemplating stepping down following his cancer diagnosis.

Prince William And Princess Kate To Be Crowned “Much Sooner” Following King Charles’ Cancer Diagnosis

What started as an enlarged prostate surgery soon gave way for the discovery of cancer cells growing in the King’s body.

While no one knows what sort of cancer he’s suffering from – PM Rishi Sunak did tell us it was discovered early – we do know that it will no doubt affect his position as monarch once he starts receiving treatment.

Expert Claims King Charles Wants To Step Down For the Sake Of The Monarchy

So while the King and the Princess of Wales remain out for the count, Prince William and Queen Camilla have tried to hold their own.

“The queen would be so proud of how well he’s managed to compartmentalize everything and prioritize his duties to the crown,” a source speaking exclusively to In Touch said of William, who is now being forced to juggle several roles, including healthcare, his charities and the King’s royal obligations. “Charles is definitely impressed by how easily William has filled his shoes.”

While there’s the promise Charles will be returning to his duties as soon as possible, there’s still the fear things could take a turn for the worse.

“Charles can’t help but consider stepping down instead, for the sake of the monarchy,” the source said, adding, “meaning William and Kate will be crowned king and queen much sooner than anyone expected.”

As the longest heir-in-waiting, Charles, 75, will no doubt feel some scruples about relinquishing the crown, but his battle with cancer may need him to step back from public life permanently.

“He’s got a serious battle ahead, and he’ll need to focus on beating this cancer,” the source said. Further on, they added that the King has been growing more tired as his treatment progresses. “The side effects are a lot worse than anyone knows.”

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