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Hollywood Executive Brands Meghan Markle “A Nightmare Client”

Omid Scobie’s latest book on the royals has taken a wrecking ball to Meghan Markle’s plans of relaunching her brand. During her appearance at Variety’s power of women event last month, Meghan excitedly announced a “slate” of upcoming projects. However, some of these “exciting” projects may no longer see the light of day due to the reignition of the race wars.

Sources say it’s tearing down all that WME tried to build up for her and this could possibly see the Hollywood talent agency dropping her.

Meghan Markle’s “Bad” Attitude Is Not Sitting Well With Her WME Team

Meghan Markle’s name has become almost synonymous with drama these days, and this has opened her up to caricature and mockery, tainting a brand she dreamed of building when she stepped down as a working royal to chase Hollywood fame.

Hollywood Executive Brands Meghan Markle “A Nightmare Client”

No doubt that if Meghan Markle had stayed scandal free, she may have enjoyed all the good things Hollywood has to offer, but she wanted to settle some old scores, and the fact that she’s still settling it three years on is not sitting well with fans, much less Hollywood executives.

One Hollywood executive reportedly said: “It’s bad, they’re pariahs. 3/4 of the staff at WME want to drop her, but Ari will give it till The Tig releases and then decide. Rescheduled to early 2024 as the EG book release date changed.

She’s a nightmare client with her bad attitude and drama.” Meanwhile, a close WME source told The Mirror that her team has become “horrified and exasperated by a never-ending scandal.”

The source added: “There are potential deals on the table for Meghan that could just as quickly vanish if this continues. Aside from the race row, even the American public is growing weary of mean-spirited and downright cruel attacks on the Princess Kate. Whether or not Meghan and Harry were the sources of these, people will simply assume they were because of their past connections with Mr Scobie.”

There’s rumors The Tig’s relaunch has been pushed back to let the latest scandal blow over.

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