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Jennifer Aniston Seeks Meghan Markle Friendship After Becoming Neighbors!

Jennifer Aniston Seeks Meghan Markle Friendship After Becoming Neighbors!Jennifer Aniston recently became the newest A-list celebrity in Montecito, California. The neighborhood has become known for its population of stars. For instance, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle own an estate there. And Ellen DeGeneres lives in the area, along with Rob Lowe.

However, Jennifer reportedly wants more than just living near the Duchess of Sussex. Find out what insiders revealed about the Friends star’s desire to become friends with Meghan. And get the details on Aniston’s new home below.

Jennifer Aniston – Pays $14 Million For Oprah’s Estate By Meghan Markle

In exchange for $14.8 million, Jennifer Aniston now lives in Oprah Winfrey’s former home. And the Friends star reportedly feels thrilled to become a member of the famous A-list neighborhood. Jennifer resides in a Tuscan-style farmhouse. And her new home includes four bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, according to the New York Post.

However, Aniston doesn’t just own the 4,320 square feet estate. The actress, 53, also resides in a $20.97 million Bel Air mansion. But the quieter neighborhood of Montecito offers Jennifer ocean views and an acre of land.

In addition to living near Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Jennifer also resides near Oprah. Winfrey has held onto her other property in the area. The 66 acres include a 20,000-square-foot mansion, which Oprah calls her Promised Land. But Jennifer allegedly feels especially enthusiastic about living so close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to IB Times.

Because Meghan and Jennifer share many common interests, the two quickly have become friends, shared an insider. And Aniston plans to invite both Markle and Prince Harry to her housewarming party. Before the Friends star moved into the neighborhood, Oprah told her all about the Duchess and Duke of Sussex, based on Winfrey’s interview with the couple.

Jennifer Aniston – Bonds With New Neighbor Meghan Markle

“Jennifer is a big fan of Harry and Meghan and has heard some wonderful things about them via Oprah and other mutual acquaintances like Orlando and Katy,” shared the source. “They’ll definitely be getting an invite to Jen’s housewarming party once she’s settled. Plus, she hopes she’ll be hanging out with them at dinner parties and spending time together with Oprah too.”

And Jennifer and Meghan reportedly formed a mutual fan club. Because they support the same political party, they quickly bonded over politics. “Meghan’s a huge fan of Jen’s, as is Harry,” added the insider. “They both loved Friends growing up and are a little starstruck about the prospect of spending time with her. They’ll get past that, though. They hugely admire Jen for reasons other than acting, such as her support for good causes, as well as her impeccable sense of fashion and style.”

And sources predict that the paparazzi will soon capture photos of Jennifer and Meghan spending time together. Because both the actresses adore their dogs, look for pics to feature the two walking their lucky pups! The insiders also shared that the two continue to strength their friendship.

Tell us what you think. Do you feel shocked at how much money mansions cost in the upscale California town of Montecito? And what do you think about Jennifer Aniston and Meghan Markle reportedly becoming friends so quickly? After you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.

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