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Kate Middleton 4th Baby Rumors Soar: Princess Pregnant?!

Royal family rumors claim that Kate Middleton has become pregnant again. And though Princess Kate hasn’t commented on gossip about a fourth baby, a new report hints it’s possible.

Find out about the pregnancy rumors. And keep reading to learn how Kate’s royal hubby Prince William feels.

Kate Middleton Pregnant In 2023?

Rumors have soared that Princess Kate Middleton became pregnant this year. And royal family watchers keep speculating that Princess Kate will reveal her baby bump in 2023.

A new report via RC Online shows that Prince William and Kate spent some time considering a fourth child. But the couple already multi-task their royal family duties and children Prince Louis, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte.

Kate Middleton 4th Baby Rumors Soar: Princess Pregnant?!

However, Kate and William reportedly have decided to stop stressing about whether to add a new baby to their busy lives. And instead, they have relaxed about the situation. But though Princess Kate could become pregnant again, her age does make it more challenging.

Prince William and Princess Kate welcomed their first child into the world in July 2013. And Kate gave birth to Prince George at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. But just two years later, George’s sister, Princess Charlotte, joined the family. And Kate and William welcomed their second son, Prince Louis, in April 2018.

Princess Kate Feels ‘Broody’

But Kate recently visited the Baby Bank and talked with the CEO, Rebecca Mistry. And Mistry mentioned how just the sight of those adorable infant clothes can spark the desire to welcome a baby into the world.

But though Kate agreed, she noted, “I’ve been there and done that.” However, her husband Prince William seems less happy about a fourth child. And Kate previously confessed that she thinks her husband feels that three children have fulfilled his daddy dreams.

But Princess Kate previously has confessed that she feels “broody” via Hello. And as she talked with parents and admired their children at Copenhagen’s Children’s Museum, Kate confessed that William felt worried about her work with babies. And she even admitted to returning to her house desiring “another one.”

Kate recently started her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. And it studies how the first five years of life impact adulthood. But while Kate loves children, William has joked about a fourth baby. 

And that happened when the royal couple visited Lancashire. Kate happily held a three-and-a-half-month-old baby girl. But when William noticed his wife happily cooing at tiny Anastasia Barrie, he warned, “Don’t give her any ideas.”

However, Kate similarly cooed over little James, a five-month-old baby. And she told the baby’s father, “He’s gorgeous. It makes me feel broody.” But she admitted, “I think William might be slightly worried.”

Tell us what you think. Do you predict that Kate will overrule William and welcome a fourth baby into their lives? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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